2nd lucid Dream out of my reach

So far i’ve only had one really low levled LD which i could barely control and i just can’t do it again.
I’ve been using MILD everynight, doing RC’s, and keeping a DJ but everytime i have a ND i just brush off all the really fake stuff in my dream as if it were normal.
I’ve tried to counter this by doing a RC everytime something seems wierd or out of place as well as my normal RC but it’s still not working if anyone could help I’d be really grateful.

MILD users who either have low awareness or focus in dreams naturally seriously have trouble with using this technique.
i have the same issue, which is why i use WILD and am currently trying PILD, so i can increase my awareness through paying attention to the images without falling asleep.
the main thing i would try is increasing lucidity, awareness and focus.
the things i know of that you can use:
or different techniques

to practice, you can try more constant LL, meditation, maybe some martial arts (i practice both of these, helps me) i just list martial arts because you get more exercise during the day, helps you get into deeper sleep, while also being a form of meditation in some disciplines.
back to the topic, its mainly separating every form of non-constant out of your subconscious mind, letting you know that isnt normal, causing you to “wake up” inside your dream, and the only way to do this is that ive seen is through trial and error.
practice it enough, and you’ll finally get it.
(and i know people say this all the time, but its true, you dont learn how to play guitar overnight, same goes with LD’ing)

Try repeating yourself “I’m dreaming” before falling asleep. Imagine what it feels to be in a dream again, from memory at first, then you can go on a tangent and invent something new, in the same tone.
Know what it’s like to be in a dream and knowing it, let your imagination flow on this, let everything happen, no matter how weird or curious, just be an observer of your thoughts, repeat to yourself mentally, slowly “I’m dreaming”.

You can let those thoughts lull you into sleep, or maybe a better way would be counting your breaths; just be sure to be relaxed and calm by the time you fall asleep.

Let us know how it goes :smile:

Well i gave repeating “I’m dreaming” till i fall asleep a go.

It nearly worked! at one point in the dream i was back in a room from my previous dream but there was a Tv there
(there wasn’t one there last time, which i didn’t notice till i woke up) but for some reason i thought i’d seen this room before but only …in a dream! and it sorta clicked i tried to check my hands but then i was awake :sad:

I’m going to give it another go tonight since i fell asleep too quick last night so i didn’t repeat it for very long.

Yay! Remember to stay calm and relaxed during those attempts, it can also bring a boost in confidence :content:

/me sends plenty of lucid vibes*
Good luck for next night! :wink:

I sort of have the same problem, I have had LD’s in the past (not intentionally), and I’ve been trying for a while now, mostly MILD as well, and sometimes I don’t even remember my dreams, or really vaguely.
I just hope it’s true what everyone says, that practice wíll make perfect.

I assure you, determination can bring you about anywhere you desire, I’ve seen many people here learn lots of things with time and will :content:

Dream recall is always the first step! Here’s a good guide to develop it.

Well I’m not sure if it went well or not last night.
It took me forever to sleep last night and then i didn’t remember anything
in the morning (i haven’t written in my DJ for a few days thats probably why) but when i used my MILD+WILD method (i pretty much stay still like I’m doing a WILD but insted of counting i repeat my mantra, so I’ll ether fall asleep with my mantra or I’ll WILD) my whole body went numb and tingly with the exception of my nose, but then my whole body sorta jumped and i snapped out of it.
So i think i’ll try improving my DR for a few days before trying again.