9 Ways to Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis (By Ryan Hurd)

Thanks! I’m trying to reach SP for WILD. Reading these points makes me realize what I might be doing to prevent SP. I’m going to see if I can try this in reverse.

About fifteen yrs ago I was asking the koan, “how do I know I believe in Christ, rather than just believing, I believe”. Impossible to answer. I had a dream, I was in my old house, bedroom. A good friend came and got me, and we went next door. There were a bunch of my friends, but they all had a green tint to their faces. They said they could not touch me, so they were waiting for CHUD. Carnivorous, humanoid, underground, dweller. I never saw the movie. Next I was hit from behind. I woke in my room and could see everything, but could not move and was in convulsions. I cried out for Jesus to save me. The convulsions immediately stopped and I knew I believed in Christ, as I called out for Christ in reflex to circumstance, rather than conscious consideration. Recently I had a dream, and I kept dreaming I woke up. The third time there was music playing and I knew there was no radio in my room. The voice on the radio identified itself as Buggy Bear. I called out to Christ, as I do when I am in difficult situations and it did not work. The voice chided me that Christ could not save me. I then concentrated on breaking the voices grip myself and did. Having demonic “Dreams”(?), the last my skin was flayed from my body, my bones shredded and my skull popped, then cast into the abyss. I am usually quite competent in the dream, but things are getting a little sticky. Hoping to find a way to strengthen myself in the dream.

I am not really scared of SP. I know its the last step before getting a lucid dream and so I am looking forward to it :smile: I once heard that you have to change your breathing rythm to stop the SP, but I never used this technique before :smile: