90% guaranteed lucidity !



try this !

it is very hard, but if you are persistent, you will have SP ,

if you are the kind of person that blacks out as soon as you go to bed and wakes up myseriously to your alarm clock it may not work,

but this is the secret of dreaming,

don’t roll over when you wake up, focus on where you’ve been, you don’t even have to try wild, soon or later SP comes,

its okay to roll over as long as you are wide awake when you roll over, but you need to open your eyes and look around the room in circles for a little bit to wake your brain up, otherwise dreaming will sneak up on you and make you not conscious and not lucid,

this puts you into body asleep / mind awake,

this is probably a 100% holy grail technique if you do wbtb this way , its harder to go into sp as soon as you go to bed.

I like this, it sounds sort of like WILD, just with less repetitive glowing on your eyelids and counting. I’ll give this a try soon.
I have a couple questions:

  1. How would one work with an alarm? Would that wake you up too harshly? Would you turning it off ruin this process?
  2. What do you mean by “its okay to roll over as long as you are wide awake when you roll over”? So you just can’t be groggy and tired when you roll over? If your ‘awake’ will this even work?

This looks a lot like DEILD, only with a few minor changes. And probably a bit easier to execute since some movement is allowed (opening eyes). I’ve had some success with DEILD in the past, so maybe I’ll give this variant a shot :wink:.

if this really works as well as you say it does im definitely going to try it out!

set alarm for - 2 hours before normal,
turn alarm off,
go to sleep, with or without focus (imagination, visualization, etc) , but, any time you wake up , don’t roll over,
the body makes you roll over so you don’t go into SP consciously, but if we ignore the roll over signal … :wink:
sometimes the roll over signal is so strong we have to move and roll over, this is okay if we keep the mind ALERT AND TOTALLY CLEAR,
and the only way to do that is to open the eyes and look around the room for a minute or so, you’ll know what i mean because you will feel more awake, but you can still go back to the sleep trance after-wards

  • DREAMS -
    during nrem we awaken briefly because of roll over signals, and one of these is the transition into REM,
    the roll over signal makes us totally lose lucidity and consciousness, its the state of sleep where you can’t think, count, remember anything, that’s where SP sneaks up on you ,

during these brief waking intervals we are aware of our body and lucidity is likely, if we refuse to roll over,
or roll over and then open the eyes for just a little bit, becoming fresh and clear
its like a mini - wbtb principle.

if we are sleeping in a healthy manner, 5 - 12 hours, however much we normallydo, the only reason to go a whole night without lucidity and total recall is if we are not paying attention during the transition stage, and to get into the transition stage we have to ignore the bodys impulses to roll over and over and over, that state of mind = WILD trance (sometimes, maybe 50% of the time, but it happens often during the night)

So we wake up to the alarm, and then go to sleep. And if we wake up don’t roll over?
Or do you set the alarm, wake up with the alarm, and then don’t roll over and go to sleep?
Sorry if i’m not getting something simple :tongue:

I believe if there is such a thing as “the secret to WILD” it involves the roll over signal. My problem is it usually is pretty intense and I give in. I usually am kind of groggy when I get to the signal anyway so I end up losing focus :neutral:

It’s called chaining (or used to be around here) and it’s an absolutely brilliant way of getting into an ld. Also once one ld ends you can slip straight into another one if you want and carry on where you left off in the previous. I once chained five lds together, got so much done that i had wanted to try and it only ended up taking about and hour and a half lay in on a saturday morning. Also, because you have a chance to wake the mind up without moving the body, you can think of what you want to try in the next ld and you’ll remember it much better once you are asleep.

I often wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, most time i move unintentionally :sad: But a few weeks ago when i remembered to not move I did get strong hypnagogic images followed by OBE-vibrations^^

It’s called DEILD or chaining as previous posters mentioned.
Moving to turn of your alarm could ruin it a bit or even completely (I think), different from person to person.

in fact, i had my first sp with that tactic, its nothing but wild. some say when you wild you must not move and THAT`s why. but i wouldn’t rely on that because it’s also important to stay concious. when you don’t roll over but just sleep away it was for nothing. today i took a nap and tried not to roll over, 3 hours later i woke up and couldn’t move the arm i was lying on^^



yes precisely!

i woke up today at sunrise for some reason, and wasn’t sleepy, so i meditated some and then went back to sleep, and i refused to roll over, i went into SP eventually and it was very intense, and a little scary, so i broke myself out of it, because it was a wide wide awake feeling of getting heavier and heavier.

I tried this technique last night and I successfully enter in a LD :happy:
I’m ,like WASD, the type of sleeper that usually wake up multiple times during the night for no reason, so I decided to give this tactic a try. Most of the time when I woke up I simply didn’t remember not to move until it was too late :sad: until on the fifth or sixth awakening I managed to remember it soon enough. I stood still despite the strong urge to move and within 2 minutes BAM, I was in the dreamworld and lucid. The weird fact is that I didn’t experienced SP, HI or other phenomena related to WILD.
I’m definitely going to try again to better evaluate this tech.

Last night, I woke up before my alarm, so I was able to attempt this technique, however, I might have have rolled over a small amount… not a complete roll, but still, I started doing it before I remembered to stop. I was also very thirsty, and there was a cat behind me asleep so I had to bend weirdly to get to the water… I didn’t get lucid or experience sleep paralysis.
However, I really want to know what exactly I did wrong, since it might be several, just one, I don’t know. I woke up on my side, but that’s how I went to sleep so I must not have tossed or turned through the night…

I’ll probably try again tonight when I can sleep in instead of going to school in the morning, but I’ll probably be thirsty again, so I’m wondering if I’m allowed to get the drink or I need to just ignore it…

If you try it one time and it fails, it doesn’t have to mean you are doing wrong. More likely that you need more training or were unlucky. Just keep training and then ask for help.

Also when i got HI and OBE vibrations while doing this i moved my leg a bit so at least for some people a little movement doesn’t matter.

Well, I figured that there would be something obvious that I did wrong, since I certainly feel like I didn’t do it right. I mean, if I obviously did something wrong the first time, it would be better to figure it out as soon as possible then continually make the same mistakes…

I’ll just completely ignore my thirst then tonight, cause I think moving ruined it… so I guess if it still doesn’t work in say, a month, I’ll ask then.

aahhh, i’ve been taking a break from trying to lucid dream [secretly hoping one would sneak up on me :wink:].

i’ve never tried chaining before, because i always thought i wouldn’t be good at it, but since it’s the weekend, i’ll give it a shot.

i’ll be waking up at 5:30 to take a shower, then going back to bed…i’m hoping i’ll wake up in the middle of the night–but god knows i won’t remember to stay still.

i am glad to see success

this only works in the right state of sleep, but it works every time during that state of sleep, and we are there often during the night
which is why i called it something like 90%
if you remember to do it,

I’m not a professional but after reading your text again i think i notice some problems. The small moving and the drinking probably ruined your chance to get SP. You are supposed to not move at all. And as Presence of Light just said, “this only works in the right state of sleep”.
I tried this once and didn’t move at all but nothing happened, i just fell asleep. And i cant think of anything i did wrong so you could have been unlucky aswell.

Just don’t let the first fail lower your motivation, then you will just fail more.

Well, because it’s a saturday, I woke up several times this morning,
I didn’t roll over in any of this awakenings, didn’t got lucid. O.o
Did I do something wrong?

I think it’s the wrong time of the day. I often fall back to sleep multiple times on saturday mornings too. I think it was around 05:00 on a schooldaymorning after going to bed 22:15 when i got strong HI and OBE-vibrations from trying this.