A Dream That Came True

I wanted to start a topic of this sort because I have once had a psychic dream that made me wonder the possibilities of the human mind.

About a year ago, I had a dream that I walked down into my living room where my dad was sitting watching tv. Keep in mind that this was about five months after he had quit chewing tobacco. Anyway, I sat down next to him to watch tv when he pulled out a tin of chew, took out a dip and put it in his lip. I asked him if he had started chewing again and he said, “no, I just got this for my business trip and theres a little left so I’m going to finish and be done with it.” It wasn’t a big deal to me because he can do what every he wants. The next night, I was out in my yard with a few of my friends. I had just finished explaining to them my weird dream from the night before, when my dad pulled in the driveway returning home from his business trip. He came and talked to us for a few minutes. Then he pulled out a tin and put a dip in. My friends and I were astonished and we all got quiet for a moment causing my dad to notice the sudden silence. He explained to us that he was just going to finish this one tin and be done with it. My friends were there to witness this whole thing and we were all amazed at the thought of the situation. It gets even stranger though. About two weeks later, I had another dream where my family and I were sitting around the dinner table eating. I noticed that there was a tin of tobacco sitting on the table in front of everybody. I found it weird that my mom did not react to the chew because she was the one that wanted him to quit in the first place. It was as if he had been chewing for a while now. So the next day, my dad and I were heading up north to go camping. We had just gotten on the open road when he pulled out a tin. I asked him if he was back on it and he said that he was. These dreams really made me wonder about the possibility of people being psychic.

There currently exists a BIG topic for this kind of thing. The BIG PreCog Dreams Topic (Part 2)
You should check it out, there are some incredible stories in there. Some more exact in detail than others. Some even were exact to the most minute aspects. There are also a number of small topics about dreams that are psychic, precognitive, prophetic, what ever you want to call it. Have a look around :content:

Very interesting experience you had, though.