A New Stage of Lucidity

OK so this is quite difficult to describe but I will try my best! I am in my mid 20’s and I mastered lucid dreaming at a young age… So I thought!

For a good 10 years, I was able to become lucid every night, in almost all my dreams… but the past couple years now, whenever I become lucid… I wake up!!! The best way to describe it is that I become so aware that I am in my bed dreaming, that I get stimulated to the point where I get woken up from the dream. So recently I have been practicing to stay in the dream without waking up.

What happens in my dreams now is even more strange! In the dream, the moment I become lucid and realize I am sleeping… I get excited! Now this excitement leads to two outcomes. Either I wake up or have to start the dream over again! Since I have been practicing to stay asleep, my dreams start over as soon as I become lucid. Let me try to explain a little further what I mean!

I become lucid… The moment I realize I am dreaming, I must calm myself down in the dream so I dont wake up!!! The moment I do this I look around in the dream and everything becomes blurry (same type of feeling when you about to wake up). After everything becomes blurry, I am in a completely new dreamscape and I am no longer lucid. Then the whole cycle starts over until I become lucid again.

So this cycle happens very often… It happens numerous times every night. So I cannot stay lucid anymore or I will wake up. Has this ever happened to anyone else? When I was younger, I used to be able to lucid dream for long amounts of time,EVERY night with complete ease! but now I cant because I will literally wake up!

As it blurs try looking at your hands, shouting out loud, or spining, these should help you keep the lucidity when it blurs.

You need to stare at something in the dream. Any object. That’s the best way to stay asleep.

Focus on the dream. Touch objects, stare at your hands, spin, get yourself to stablize the dream as much as possible.

Sometimes though, you get lucid just as you’re waking up, which stinks.

On the other hand, you can just stop trying to LD for a week or so and see what happens then. Sometimes that does the trick.

Good luck! :content:

I’ve read a great way to stabilize dreams to keep you from waking up is to rub your hands together. Your mind is distracted, and focuses on re-creating the sensation of your hands rubbing together, and effectively anchors you in a dream.

Is that leading to insomnia now? I mean, you dream and wake up immediately, or dream, fall to the next dream, until you wake up prematurally?

I do suffer from bad insomnia on and off, but it has a lot to do with my sleep schedule. I have trouble falling asleep initially, but once I am asleep Im ok. So if I do wake up in the midle of the night, I can fall back asleep pretty quick.

Because I have been practicing, my lucid dreams have been blurring out now, instead of actually me waking up. It feels like a game, but in the sense that I am on a new and more difficult stage of my journey… and now that I am on this new level of dreaming, I must re-learn how to stay lucid again! Like I said, lucid dreaming came hand in hand with sleeping for many many years.I was very lucky because I learned very early. It came with little to no effort. Only recently have I been having trouble staying lucid.

I was wondering if anyone else went through a similar transition, where lucid dreaming over-stimulated them to the point of resetting the dream and/or caused them to wake up. I wanted to know if this was a common occurance! Thank you all for the quick responces! This is a nice community and I hope to contribute more in the future


this has happened twice to me over the past 3 months >_<
pisses me off, but the only thing you can do is calm your mind and simply focus on the dream, and dont let it slip through your fingers.
i tried yoga to help calm myself, and it worked for the most part, but what id recommend if it keeps up is meditation, specifically, mantra meditation.

lets you focus on the words alone, and invision what you want to.

This has happened to me. You can read the entire dreamhere. It’s not fun, especially when it’s right away too!

i can’t advise more than what others have already said but i’m more interested in how you’ve been ld’ing almost every night for 10 years. That’s remarkable! What were some of ur experiences? Did LD in any way change or alter ur RL.

There are so many questions i have to ask you and i’m sure many people on this forum will love to pik ur brain. Can u give us some examples of some really cool LD’s?
Thx heaps… Happy

I signed up to this forum in 2002, the same year I graduated highschool. I was already lucid dreaming at that point for a few years already. When I first began lucid dreaming around 1998, I didnt even know there was a term for it! and thats how I found this site. With the information I learned from this site back in 2000-20002, that’s when I was able to become lucid almost every night and do anything I wanted in the dream!Kinda like neo in the matrix! I used to have so much fun in my lucid dreams. I was never able to alter the environment(still cant to this day) but wherever I was, I would always fly! I loved flying in my lucid dreams because that’s obviously something I cant do in real life!

my dreams are almost like a mirror reflection into the inner workings of my mind. But the past couple years, I have been going through a lot in my life…So for a while I wasn’t even paying attention to my dreams.I lost interest mainly because my dreams were depressing.During then I had many dreams of planes crashing and planes bombing where I lived. And throughout my life I have definitely died in my dreams before!!! mostly from nuclear blast or falling!

But now that I am finally on the right path in my life, my dreams are better and I remember them much more often now. Just last night I tried looking at my hands as suggested, and I became lucid many times throughout the night. Once I became lucid, the direction the dream went toward had a lot to do with my lack of love life. It was hard to stay lucid once I looked away from my arms or tried to alter something. Tonight I will become lucid if I get enough sleep. This time I will just stay put and not alter anything when I become lucid. I will not worry about woman… and Ill experience the dreamworld like Im walking around in a museum. I think if I dont change anything, I will stay lucid much longer, but I gotta remember to check out my arms once in a while. I feel Im on the path to perfecting my dreams again!

Ill keep you updated on the results! and you are all welcome to pick my brain! If you have any questions just let me know!

Hi there ! You must have been very lucky with all those LD’s, I mean you’re a natural :smile: . I had problems with waking up too. I sometimes dream the same dream more times, but in a longer period of time, like a year or a few months. The best things which truly worked for me are the following:

  1. When feeling the dream is fading and you’re waking up or something’s not right with the dream stabilization, just let yourself fall on your back telling yourself in your mind that you will wake up in a FA. Those are the best dream stabilizers for me ! (FA’s)

  2. Let yourself reinvent a world when feeling the dream is fading. Simply close eyes and fall down through the ground. This also worked pretty well for me, or jumping into a mirror also worked.

The bad thing is that I always ended up in a creepy place (skeletons and stuff, cause I was thinking of another “world”, you know), but that’s not a big problem :smile:[/spoiler]

  1. Now this, I never tried cause I always forgot and I would do this in an extreme situation where all my other methods fail. Simply do a DEILD (Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream). [Method can be found here]

That spinning and rubbing your hands never worked for me, even though I tried them :neutral:.

Good luck, and hope you get your LD skill back !

thanks! There is so much i need to catch up on in the realm of lucid dreaming! Im excited to be in the right state of mind and focus on this again. Like I said, I have been going through a lot of difficult times recently so I havent been able to have many quality dreams. But I am ready now! and I plan on reading up on LD so I can again master it :smile: