A question about LD

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:hmmm: it depends how easy RC’s get stuck in your mind, me for example only RC when odd things happen, its enough for me :cool:

Well, the point is that I don’t really know.
I often don’t remember my dreams very well, and today I started to organize a dream diary. I don’t know if I’ll improve at remembering dreams, but I don’t know.
Do I have to use RC’s only at the morning or also during the day? And does it matter?

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… so it is more important to build your dream recall up a bit first. There is a dream recall topic in the knowledge base forum and many other useful topics. You should spend a little time browsing in there. We also have big sticky topics for remembering dreams and RCs etc

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if you want to gain lucidity though RC’s you should do them as often as possible, to inhibit your subconscious to start testing reality.

Do them as much as possible. Every time you think about it.
you can do it while walking, sitting, reading, wherever you are, so the more the merrier.

I want to gain lucidity, I don’t really care which way, the only one I heard of is with RC’s.
Is there any other techniques to get LD’s?

As I said above … the knowledge base forum has a lot of useful topics…
LINK to “Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques” Author: Sandra

Thank you :cheesy:
And, um… last question - which is the easiest (for your opinion) technique there?
Thank you again!

I always firmly recommend WBTB … the method used with it always depends on the dreamer. But MILD or FILD imo are the easiest to use with it.

All the time, any time something out of the ordinary happens, (IN RL), that is the best time to do a RC.

I do many RCs each time, not even realizing why. Last night I kept picking up handfuls of gravel, and they would disappear or slip through my hand. Find one that works for you. (I tend to break glass for some reason too, maybe because it doesnt always break like it should)

Hi, Gilad. :smile:

As people have said above, the thing with RC’s (and LD’s) is to find out what works for you. I, for example, rarly do RC’s :tongue:

play around with the techniques as much as you can, but see if you can increase your recall first (which doesn’t mean you can’t try to have LD’s while increasing recall).

I wish you many LD’s! :content:

Thanks everyone! This is really helpful :happy:
Well, all I really got from the RC technique is that you have to record your dreams for a while, then look for repeating dream signals and then sleep while saying to myself that next time I’m gonna see one of these signals I’m gonna know it’s a dream?
Am I right?
Thanks again!

The RC technique is a method that you practice during the day in reality in hopes of performing those actions in your dreams (due to the repetitiveness through the day (your dreams are based from your day)), so you realize that you are dreaming. Throughout my days when any events happen, I do a RC check to myself, staring at my hands asking myself “Am I dreaming?”, then plugging my nose and trying to breath, if you can’t breath then you know its reality if you can breath then you know that its a dream because your body isn’t actually plugging your nose but laying in bed. You repeat what I mentioned above so that by chance it will happen in your dream just as another method of obtaining a LD. Good luck :wink:

But it’s pretty rare that unusual stuff are happening in reality - should I do this check every hour, every time I wake up or what?

Sorry if you misunderstood what I meant.
A good method in remembering to do a RC is to right it on your thumbs and palm of your hand, (something like “RC”). Every time you look down and your doing something that involves your hands you will remember to do a RC. The reason I say your hands is because generally in your dream you don’t look at your leg and be like oh “RC”! But, you generally do it whenever you remember, so the technique i mentioned above just reminds you more then just you remembering on your own.

Well yeah, but the problem is that inside the dream; first, the letters RC may not appear in my dreams, and second, I may forget inside my dream…
Thanks again!

I understand where your getting at, but your not counting on looking at your hands in your dream and seeing any writing, but your trying to trick your brain into performing these actions in your dreams. Your dreams take from your actions you performed through out RL, so writing on your hand will allow you perform it more often because you remember to do a RC, causing you to be more then likely to perform it in your dream. This is just another technique to allow LD to come naturally.

Let me add, failed RCs happen to everyone once in while, it’s horrible, but it happens. With more experience, the less of a chance you have of failing an RC…

Example, my first… oh… let’s say 6 LDs, I probably had 10 dreams of RCs, but those four never worked. After ten, I’ve had few dreams, and there’s people on here who have more, so remember not to think too much about it failing, or else it will.

So true Download, yet the strange thing is, the only RC I have ever done is Pluging my nose and trying to breath. I have never had a dream where I plugged my nose and I wasn’t able to breath through. Yet it “is” possible to be thinking about it so much that you won’t be able to breath even in your dream. It just has never happened to me :tongue:

So your point is - I should write something like RC on my hands so I’ll remember to do RC’s, in hope that I’ll do the same thing in a dream?