A small TUT- My method , or a tip on LD (MIWILD)

good question
i was wonderin when some one would ask

well id say practice meditation to clear your mind , i do the lotus position too for 15 minutes , and i feel static charges alll around my body ,

u dont have to do it everytime , i just say meditation if you have an unfocused mind
or if you need to increase your concentration for a longer period of time in order to LD

now for the LD process i want you to meditate if this makes any difference on a sound
so your body can fall asleep and your concience can be awake or else your body will never fall asleep.

When i fall asleep you drift and let go and let random images form not caring.
When you focus on a thought and know the process or steps in order to LD
I believe your subconcience will take you there as it does for me.

LD process or steps to think b4 you fall asleep

  1. ull see pitch black (the void)
  2. crazy random things will form with no shape
    3.youll feel like your falling
    4.an image will create
  3. interact with the image
  4. you should be in the image
  5. the image will become a world
  6. roam around and do crazy things

successful LD , have that in mind
focus on a sound so your body falls asleep and your brain stays awake

the good luck thru the steps
and well see if you reach the end

Hi again, umm i think something weird happened last nightwhile trying this technique, but im really new in this meditation scene soo i just want to know if i am on the right track with this:
Last night while meditating my 15 minutes before sleeping i was focusing on a noise in my room, some constant humming noise, soo after a while the steps you mentioned in the post above kinda started happening while i was meditating.
First i started to go numb and feel very relaxed, then after a while i heard a noise, like a little bell tingling, and then suddenly the random color dots i was seeing started merging together and forming some weird patterns. i kinda tried to focus ont his patterns but they seemed to start to fade away when i did this. So i refocused on the sound instead and they started getting more complicated.
I saw them take the form of a wooden floor, it was very realistic, like if i was watching a wooden floor but with the lights turned off, but i could see the image with freakishly clear detail, the depht of the tiles, the patterns in the floor, everything was there.

I couldnt go any further though because my 15 min alarm went off in that moment.
But anyway, is this ok to happen? and if so, am i supposed to lucid dream while meditating?? im just a little confused here :razz:

-HGP!-, you’re doing great! you were very close to entering a dream, that is the point where you find yourself inside what you were watching :smile: it was a matter of minutes, if not seconds! :happy:
And besides, if you’re meditating to have a LD, it’s entirely good to have one :wink: and you can always continue meditating inside the dream if needed :lol:

my friend u should of had ur alarm clock off lol
u would of got drawn into the wooden floor and would of LD’s

u were on the right path with good success…
keep up the good work

any more help with my technique?

and random questions?
did anyone actually successfully LD using this method?

it worked for me in 15 minutes - now i can LD at will
i was just shairng it with you guys hoping you can LD as fast as i can

i do feel kind of special though :razz:

Well i dunno haha, i think i need some time to try the technique some more, i probably will this weekend, since im back in school and stuff and my dorm room isnt exactly the quietest place on earth D:, but this tech seems like it really could be something

all i do is concentrate on the sound as my body falls asleep
once i see images in my head i know im in control

and then its on baby !!

I disagree, I don’t find meditation boring, plus it’s certainly not that, that leads to falling asleep. If you get bored, you are irritable and wanting to do something else. That state is not good for sleeping. The problem of falling asleep during meditation is a problem of taking the relaxation too far.

I don’t feel this is a good action. Analysing how long you were able to focus, or how well you are doing, will create a sense of failure that you didn’t stay focused. There is no rush or hurry to improve at meditation, its something you should enjoy. If you enjoy it, you’ll put more time into it, you’ll get better and you’ll reap the returns from it. If that takes 1 week or 1 year, if you enjoy the process, it doesn’t matter.

There is a question I have, it doesn´t really belong to your technique, but maybe this is good place to ask here:

When I try to WILD, should I just look into the “nothingness” what will make me see visualisations or pictures in (and from)my mind, but not really SEEING them (I dunno how to describe it :confused: )
or should I focus on the inner side of my eyelids, as if I´d be really looking at them?

So the first is more like focussing no object when your eyes are open, and the second like looking on a certain thing :shy:

Maybe this is quite a strange question, but last night this problem showed up and disturbed my conzentration…
I´m still on the very beginning on my way to serios Lucid dreaming but thing are already getting complicated :content:

Soo night time in Germany… thanks in before.

alot of people say its boring , thats the general thought of it
i never meant it as a statement where it goes for everyone

and my method well thats my method , i guarantee it will not work for all u,
i just state what i think and what i went through as a process thats all.

And if thats how you feel that you shouldnt analyze then thats your opinion but let everyone do as they want and if they achieve more success , why not do it then :razz:

I Suggest do the first one , nothingness because in MY OPINION lol its mind chatter and your brain needs to just “observe” what goes on in ur head , and let it keep passing. Sooner or later it will come to an end and images will start to form.

Dont focus on the images , 'observe" and try to interact with it
watch it in detail

Hope that helps and this is my opinion and my suggestion and this will not work for most before i get told by mods lol

I’ve come to a conclusion… I think I’m going to meditate tonight, for honestly the first time in my life… :smile:

Last night I got up and read ur post - basically I read the whole thread (great tips - thanks a lot!) and I tried the following: Listen to the humming in my ears and I focused ONLY on that - I ignored the images and everything - just focused on the ear sound. And within about 10 to 15 minutes I seemed to “run” through all the pre-sleep stages: Numbness, vibrations, kind of shaking (bed/body is moving left and right) and I saw a very clear image of a floor tile - but frankly I can’t tell what from this experience was a dream an what was reality :tongue: - the stuff with the floor tile just seemed too much like your experience to be real.

The amazing thing is: If that experience was real (which I still doubt, I’ll try again today) than its WAY faster than it usually is. Normally I take 1 1/2 hours without even reaching vibrations (just numbness) - seems like the pictures distract me, because usually I start imagining scenes and then I either fall asleep or just don’t fall asleep at all.

So in a way my method is a short cut and within 15 minutes u were able to see this wooden floor desbribed.

It seems real but dont try to interact with the wooden floor , just do the same as other pictures that form in your head , let them pass.

The right picture will come up to u with clearly vivid details.
Once u see this picture try to get close to it or touch it.

Try to ask questions like why is this flower like this or like that.
Try to see a small object and magnify it with ur mind to see if it gets bigger.
If it does get closer just observe it dont try to grab a hold of nothing

Let ur mind flow with it usually when ur just observing at this moment.
You will fall into a dream like state - well ull be dreaming but since u know u have been doing this process

When you enter the dream you already know your lucid !
just verify it with a simple desire.

Example 10 , 000 dollars - or a brand new car you wanted to drive , a gun behind ur back pocket

Imagine ur crush / lover close by and look for her to see if she is it.
Once you can confirm u can create anythin you want then wooo hooo.


Ps. Thanks for the appreciation - my personal tips - the way i see things - maybe it helps :razz: ps(2) … i always try to find a short cut but never works.

I try to make things short and simple steps.

@d3struct: Wow thanks a lot :happy: - it’s just sooo tough for me to remain passive and frankly: I usually freak out when I start hearing sounds and stuff … LOL :tongue:



that was me but u have to just accept it ,
like a bumpy ride - so many times u go thru it u know how its gona feel

what u gona hear and for how long its gona be , u get used to it and the more your at this point the better youll get and pass it .

Keep trying ot work with it

aaaaahh I just tried this method. but I obviously need to work on my meditation skills, because trying to meditate gave me a panic attack. which obviously defeats the purpose.

sounds good though, so I’ll work at it

just focus ur mind on the sound , any sound concentrate on it.
Once your doing that you will have to wait till your body goes numb.
Thats when its asleep

Meditation does induce certain weird experiences… or call them lucid dreams or astral projections. A few years back, I used to meditate regularly. I had a lot of time on my hands then; and I remember having very vivid dreams, almost like astral projections. Some of them scared me silly; and I almost gave up meditation because of that. But, of course, now I realize that meditation just made me more aware of what I really was. I really would like to start meditating again.

hello and thanks for the good tips.

Unfortunately for me I could not do all the steps to LD.

I tried to meditate like this : I got into bed, relaxed, and tried to remember the buzzing sound you hear just like after a concert. I begun to hear it in my left ear, and concentrated on it. I did not visualize anything, in fact I was still having random thoughts, feeling like a radio : I hear people talking, saying random sentences, I am easily distracted. After a while I concentrated on the sound and begun to hear a bird-like sound in my right ear. It was faint but very specific.
I begun to want to associate a picture to that sound, but it gave me the feeling to be willing to imagine something, while I was willing to let go…
So I just concentrated on the two different sounds, but could not do more. When I moved and turned on my side on the bed, I realised how tense my muscles were !

So I guess it’s a fail for that time, I find it so hard to empty my mind, and then if I have to remember what the buzzing sound is like, and try hard to hear it for real, I get tense…

Maybe I just have to find another sound to relax and concentrate…