A thought about lucid foods

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I think that actual fruit smoothies with actual corn would be best. I don’t think popcorn has much nutrition or B vitamins or anything left in it after the salting, buttering, dehydrating, and exploding xD

eewww… popcorn and banana smoothie? Interesting idea, though I doubt the taste would be appealing.

wat if we put whole-grain cereals fish milk eggs some vegetables yeast in it and throw in a couple B-6 supplements for a nice creamy texture.

Hi guys, lotta people mentioning popcorn in this thread :smile:
Just a small input here, sweet popcorn is my favorite food ever and the other day i ate a full bag while watching a film online but the internet crashed so i went to bed and had a LD :happy: so in my opinion the popcorn works! maybe its because it actually makes me happy to eat it or maybe the sugar? which would fit in with bananas and chocolate but yeahh, popcorn! :happy: Omnomnomnomnom