About me and questions concerning lucidity

Questions are in red in case you want to skip some of the nonsense.

Hi all. As the title says, this is my introduction to the community, a little about my dreaming and sleeping patterns, and hopefully some questions that will be answered. Now I suppose I’ll get to it.

I first heard about lucidity from my Psychology professor last semester in college. He didn’t go into much detail, but the definition that he gave for lucidity easily got my attention. This semester my college suitemates and I began researching lucidity. I stumbled upon this website and I immediately liked it. Even if I never achieve lucidity (which i strongly believe I WILL), it’s still interesting to read about other people’s adventures and such. And that’s how I got here.

Now, for my lucidity attempts and question number 1. It takes a while for me to fall asleep when trying out techniques. This is because when I go to sleep, I like to drift off in imagination and basically daydream until I fall asleep. I just think about random scenes that I’ve made up in my head. When trying WILD for instance, I can’t let those scenes interrupt me, which interrupts my usual way of going to sleep. Also the whole “not swallowing thing” that I saw somewhere on the forums has really got me messed up to. Not being able to swallow without messing up the technique really keeps me from falling asleep. So my question: What method should I used based on what you’ve read in this paragraph that fits my way of sleeping?

Secondly, I have a class at 8 am and I’m in college so I stay up pretty late and wake up early. This leads to napping after class. Every few weeks or so, I’m so tired that I lay down for my nap and I can’t go to sleep. Because instead, my body is overwhelmed with vibrations and weird twitches. Also I can’t move. At all. Note: this hasn’t happened since I’ve been looking into lucidity (which is only a few days). I realize now that this is SP. So if it’s SP like I think it is, and correct me if I’m wrong, I should be extremely close to an OBE or LD. What the heck do I do in this situation to actually have an OBE or LD? I actually remember dreaming about being in the same bed and then I’d wake up and 20 minutes has gone by. I feel like now I would’ve realized it and somehow been able to get out of bed and do cool stuff.

Thank you very much for any help! Feel free to ask questions that might help you to help me.

Welcome to LD4all! So, regarding your first question, I’d suggest to have a look at this guide: How to choose your technique. If you don’t feel comfortable with WILD, then don’t do WILD. There are a lot of different techniques with different variations to choose from. But if you want to stick to WILD, keep the difference between “aware” and “awake” in mind. WILD is NOT about staying awake, but about staying aware. Check out this article, it might clear up some stuff about WILD (the swallowing thing is also mentioned). Do you know that you can use those random scenes to actually get into your dream while doing WILD? Treat them as HH and you will eventually get there.

About your second question, I admit that I don’t know much about “how to get a WILD” even though I had a few myself. So you might want to wait for other people to answer this question or to scan the forum for similar topics. :content: