Adolecent boys and Lucid Dreaming

Hi all,

It has been a while since my last visit. After being able to have lucid dreams more often then ever before, I stopped writing in my dream journal. Without practicing any techniques I was able to have lucid dreams on a regular basis. I seldomly used Reality Checks to become lucid, I think I just got the hang of the feel of a dream since I feel like I am a very logical person. I also think consciously noticing my personal dream signs helped a lot.

After enjoying vivid lucid dreams for a relatively long period of time, my dreams started becoming less vivid and shorter, my subconscious started fighting back with false awakenings and trickery. And my lucid dreams starting becoming meaningless. The past few months I still experience a few lucid dreams every week (one or two a week) but it has become solely about sex. The first thing I think about when lucid is having sex. I even tried doing other things like flying and exploring, but it seems so boring.

My dreams are uninteresting and meaningless, recently I started consciously avoiding lucid dreams because I am tired of just having sex in the dream. It is a waste of my subconscious playground.

I yearn to have more interesting, meaningful dreams. I also wonder if I should just leave this lucid dreaming thing until my hormones balance out.

Any thoughts :smile:

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I was going to reply here yesterday but forgot >_>

Anyway, how lucid are you in these dreams? I have some LD’s that I can only think about sex (and sometimes random wandering), but they are low lucidity, which means I’m not even able to stop and think “hey, I want to do something else for a change!”.

Your hormones might be causing the problem but there is nothing stopping you from rising above that. It sounds to me like you need a goal, a strong reason to keep trying to LD.

You say that your dreams are uninteresting and meaningless. With no goals or intent your subconscious takes over and tries to make them as exciting as possible, by filling them with sex. When you first started lucid dreaming your dreams were exciting because lucid dreaming was new to you, now you’ve run out of things to do and it all feels a little ordinary.

Hopefully that’s at least somewhat close to how you feel.

I think you should try to be more ambitious. Set yourself a goal, something you want to see or do. Don’t make it something dull either, make it something that will push you. Because you can do anything you can imagine in a dream.
The big lucid dreaming to-do topic might give you some ideas to build upon.

When I learned to lucid dream my goals were ambiguous and my dreams reflected that. When I set a clear goal for myself I achieved lucidity fairly easily. I’m always building on my goals to try and keep things interesting and it seems to be working for me.

Thank you for replying mattias and CyberD.

I don’t know exactly what you mean with that because when I become lucid I am fully aware that I am dreaming and that the real me is actually lying in bed asleep. But I don’t feel like I am in full control. Even when I am 100% aware that I am dreaming I cannot achieve certain things in the dream that I want to.

If, for example, I want to open a locked gate, I first need to turn my back on it and imagine that its open when I turn back around. This is a very effective way to get what I want but it feel so boring. Also I never seem to be able to fly, I always glide short distances before falling back to the ground. These are just two examples

This “I am not in control” feeling discourages my desire to try anything else.

My subconscious is one lazy bastard then :neutral:
I’m going to compare my dreams to movies: It feels like the director of the movie yells “CUT!” as soon as I become lucid. The dream characters, for example, become almost robotic, they never talk to me unless I talk to them first (then they give me short nonsensical answers when I ask them questions)

But I appreciate your personal experience of goals. I also thought that it had something to do with goals. I am going to set myself a few goals and see how it goes.

Hopefully this is just a dry spell. I hope you have some good dreams soon, good luck :smile: Let us know how it works out for you.