Again, is that HI ? xD

When i’m pretty relaxed and i close my eyes tight, I see some lights flasing, some blobs of color going around and stuff, would that be it ? It also works best if I close my eyes really hard. :woah: But it only happens when i’m getting sleepy in bed :smile:

That is the onset of HI. HI is a tricky thing when it comes to WILD. The best thing is to not think about it, but at the same time you have to be passively aware. The trick is to let it happen while merely watching it. Try not to get too caught up on it. Your goal is an LD, not HI.

Yep, it’s not necessary to see HI to WILD, in fact, many people usually don’t. If you are opne of these people you might just be holding yourself back focusing too much on HI :tongue:

But yes, as Rhewin said, that’s the onset of HI. When you start getting into the HI itself (for me at least) it looks a bit closer to an after image (like when you stare out a bright window for a while and then shut your eyes).

Thanks guys :razz:
Yeah my HI’s are exactly like yours mattias :content:

But don’t worry i’m not trying to WILD here… i was just a little bit confused about HI’s and wanted to know more about it :smile: Thanks again

Strictly speaking, these blobs and lights are called phosphenes. HI is formed from them. Though some people include phosphenes in HI, theorically hypnagogic imagery is just when you see distinct images, not just clouds, blobs and flashes.

[Edited later: BTW, I’ve just translated an article I made for the former french forum about phosphenes and HI. You may find it interesting: Phosphenes and hypnagogic imagery.]