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No they are not JUST the regular RC method while they are a RC method they are a better version, involving linking RCs to very common occurances to make it sure you will do a RC in your dream.

You can call them what you like but they work, so I don’t really mind what people call them. I will still use them and I will still attribute LDs to them.

But they are JUST the regular version. Look under RCing on the main site an it will say to pick a comon occurence to RC on, and RC on on the strange occurences…

Also, I was thinking, and decided that the mantra isn’t really a new technique, just a way to WILD, so, yeah, no OILD, just WILD with a mantra.

When you have a new technique, I think it would be far better to post a new topic in the “Quest for lucidity” forum, and put a link toward it here. So that we can easily discuss about this technique in the corresponding topic.

By the way, here was the goal of this thread (excerpt of the first post):

I’ll do some cleaning in this thread when I’ll have a little more time.

Thats exactly what I meant. If everyone keeps talking about the new techniques in here, they will just get lost in all of the replies.

Err, sorry. Okay, I’ll make a topic; ‘Chilla’s new techniques/variations’. I’ll do it when I get home from school…

Links towards new techniques threads:
CDILD and other Chilla’s techniques and variations

New Method - OILD: [New Method - OILD - Thoughts?)

Well, it’s not new anymore, but here’s mine…

Chaining (also known as wake-up-and-don’t-move)

I think this technique is also known as the “dream re-entry technique”… :content:

Works amazingly well when you wake up from an LD, I had a lot of serial LDs thanks to this technique. :grin:

Although if you abuse it, you sort of lose the memories of your first LDs.

I really believe this technique should be explain clearly and then be sticky… :tongue:

Thank you dunlar for pointing this technique out. I didn’t know you invented it. I was calling it the dream reentry technique, but I wonder now if it is exactly the same.

Anyway, here is the link towards the DRT:

The Dream Reentry technique

Need to be mentioned. A very strange technique: the BUBILD technique. Means for the Butt Ugly Beard Induction of Lucid Dreams! :happy:

I made some techniques really stupid BUT NOT like that one!! (I didn’t think they are worth a topic).

Most Stupid Tggtt Techniques

[New Technique!)

Yayness. I get to post here. I’ll call this technique.


Self-hypnotism induced lucid dream

(Ysim’s Induction for Lucid Dreams)

It’s really just a variation of WILD, but it’s easier and more effective for me then any other WILD technique I’ve read. Good luck everyone! :content:

My RILD technique: RILD

Post edited. The same message was posted in two different locations. I just kept the summary here and added the link towards it.

This technique is used to prolong lucid dreams and is especially helpful to the people who can’t seem to stay in a dream but a few secs or minutes. I call it the breathing technique.

Prolonging tech: the breathing technique

I add a link towards this new technique here so that it won’t be lost amongst other threads:
Combining HI and visualisation to WILD

A link towards the Reflexion-intention technique, as it was defined by Paul Tholey and refined by Stephen Laberge. It’s something mixing RC’s and a sort of MILD.

The Cycle adjustement technique.

At first sight, it’s not really an induction technique but a sort of diet in order to adjust the mind-body cycles in a way that creates an improved environment for LD’ing.

I noticed that the Hand technique was not mentionned here. :bored: It’s not really a new technique, cause it was very famous in the 80’s and many people learned to LD with it. It may be called too the Castaneda technique, the Don Juan technique, the finding your hands technique, etc.

It’s very simple indeed. You just :wink: have to find your hands in dreams. Do as you want.
Hand method.