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well, im not worried. If i can get good enough at LDing tht i would want to try AP i will, sounds like mad fun!

This has never worked for me, but about six years ago I had a friend who was into LD. He used to pull at his hair at the base of his neck until it was tingling a little sore just before he settled down to sleep. He said that he’d read it somewhere that there was somekind of accupressure point here,and by stimulating it in this way produce him LD almost every night.
As previously mentioned however,this has not worked for me,and just given me a sore neck.
Give it a try and post your results,id like to know if it actually works for anyone else

Ok people you know about the OBE being dangerous that theory is completelly flawed in every way from the point of where people think that when you astral project you leave an empty shell that is incrediblly false. I must admit that it is what most people think but i would like to tell you that it is completelly safe and we do it every night ok
Firstlly the word projection dose not mean that one entirelly leaves ones body it means you simplly Project on to the astral plane. This happens whilst your Master copy of consiousness is still safe inside your body either sleeping or awake . After one has there “projection experience” there memories are downloaded in to what we call shadow memories. This is because during a projection we are recording up to 3 consiouss fully awake copies of ourself and our linier minds cannot cope with this. That is why during a projection you can sometimes feel your physicall bodies etc.
However i bet now your thinking well give me some evidence lol. Well there is something called the astral feed back phenomenon this is where the astral body is gallovanting around the astral plane and the etheic body is still away and had obtained some degree or real time site (the ability to see the astral plane i am sure that when all you fine people have been meditating you have expierienced real time astral sight. This mean you can see through closed eyelids. and say look to the side of yourself without even physically moving. Well thats astral sight. Now the crazy part is where your astral body comes in to the room and you both see each other. This can be if your domminont awareness is in your etheic body or your astral body, And remember there are 2 copies of you thinking. so what happenes when say your awareness is in your physicall body and your astral body has awlready projected you see your astral body through your etheic eyes but your astral body sees you at the same time. And presto it becomes like when you put a mirror to another miror and they split it to an infinate patten. This is called the astral feedback phenomenon. I tell you what this post proboblly has a lot of spelling mistakes lol and it is not clear so what i will do is either make a new topic and try to get my word and proof that Atral Projection is safe to the entire forum or just post my result clear but at the min i have revise for a maths exam lol that why i am in such a hurry typing this lol.
Ok byeee i hope you understood all that ^^

You’ve been reading Robert Bruce. Don’t assume people believe or don’t believe something. You don’t know who we are, you don’t know what we think. It may sound rude, but I find people who say things like this incredibly offensive and annoying.

i am sorry if i offended you. and i did not mean it in an abrupt way, you see i was typing in a hurry lol i had come on the computer for a bit and i needed to go to school for an exam so i was typing really fast. Also without looking at my text from different perspectives to see if anyone would find it hmm shall we say vulger. Oh and i am trully sorry about the asumptions thing i know how annoying it can be. Dont worry i am not usually like that.
But i must say the i am a firm believer on the robert bruces theories . Oh btw and i have tested them myself and anaylised them from a logical point of view
(i would like to be physicst anyway so i do try and bisect theorys and see if the are plausable that applies to physical and metaphysical alike)
Oh and btw i am not expecting you to believe me if you dont like or do not think the theory is plausable . That is if you thought that i expected you to.

I see very distinct differences

  1. this technique involves selecting an occurrence that happens MUCH more frequently than those previously outlined in other techniques. Face it - no matter how vigilant you are, you are not going to check your watch 50 times per day for days on end - but you most definitely WILL see the colour green 50 times or more per day. For people having difficulty attaining the LD state, this method of triggering a reminder to perform the RC is very effective, if you ask me.
    Furthermore, most RC’s involve “purposely” and with intent, looking at or for something … then performing an RC (i.e., checking your watch throughout the day). This technique almost performs itself - all you have to do is the RC itself each and every time the trigger presents itself, which will happen very frequently throughout each and every day.
  2. I’m not sure whether or not the author of this technique came up with holding nose and attempting to breathe through it, but it’s flawless, and it fits perfectly - it’s a simple action, and the results are 100% effective, as we all know that it is simply not possible to breathe through a completely obstructed nose.
  3. The combination of the high frequency of the trigger and this specific RC seems incredibly effective.
    Bravo to the member who initiated it! :happy: