All the lonely people on Valentines day

we are all insane

Lol Waterstar to know that u have to be sane lol :happy:

hug and a summer smile :happy:


What Valentine’s Day meant to me:

The logo at was sligtly different.

That is all.

Valentines day suck… One of the most stupid holidays ever made, is all about money…

what holiday isn’t about making money?

even Christmas and Easter are commercialised now.

damn i missed googles change

Tomas…i have to agree, because of all the commercial interest its not romantic at all! Its almost cheap lol…un unfreedom, like when u have a gf u would have to buy her something commercials tell you!
Not really a surprise or a spontaneous deed at all, so it sucks!

If i had a gf i would not celebrate it because its all so pumped up.
I would invent my own extra jeffo day to surprise her. ehm one day?..several days lol!


Ohhh…no one tells you to follow marketing and commercial rules.On Christmas you dont have to eat or buy everything they advertise,do you?Its up to you what you do.
I still think its nice to have a day that reminds you there are not only wars and crimes everywhere but we also have our human love.Its the question of how u look at this.Its for a good sake,so why not?:slight_smile:
i understand it might be annoying if u have nobody around,but this can allways change…no need to get angry for a simple date in a calendar:)

Lol Jack, your post made me smile…so thats good!

hehe :wink:


I can see it now…
“Happy Jeffo Day Honey!!!”

Lol charlottedreamer :rofl:

Some Jeffodils for you honey!
Its Jeffo Day! :wink:


rofl!!! :rofl:

“Merry Jeffo Day to you! And to all a good Jeffo Day!”

Hey hey, now! Let’s not forget about St. Neotine’s Day. It’s once a year and lasts 365 days (366 on leap year).
In the tradition of St. Neotine’s Day everyone is required to shower Neo with money, gifts, and sex.

Nothing exceeds like excess eh neo?