Am i doing this right?

Hi there,
So I’ve been practicing the ‘critical question’ technique ( found here: … start=0&po stdays=0&postorder=asc&vote=viewresult)
and this is how I do it everytime I ask myself the critical question, I was just wondering if I’m doing it right.
Firstly, I ask myself ,“am I dreaming?” followed by doing a nose RC to verify that. I will conclude with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ I am/am not dreaming.
Secondly, I ask myself “What was I just doing?” and answer that.
Finally, I ask myself,“Does the situation I’m currently in make sense?” And I also answer that.
I’ve done this so far around 60 times today, and I’m around 4/5 of the way through the day. although I’ve never had a lucid dream, I’m hoping to get one soon, so could someone tell me if this is a good critical question/ any tips?
Thanks in advance

That sounds like a great technique! Ive heard of it before but never really practiced it daily. Im guessing you should have your first LD very soon :happy: Some other tips for you are well first you keep a DJ correct? and write in it daily? Thats basically the key if you want to start having LD’s and wouldnt it suck to forget a LD that you had? :razz: Also i would greatly recommend the WBTB method and/or the MILD method. By doing all of these things your bound to have a LD VERY soon!!!

Yes, I keep a dream journal and write in it daily.

Sounds pretty much fool proof, yes. How long have you been trying?

Today willl be my 3rd day.

I had the closest experience to LDing last night! Although I didn’t get a LD, I know I was close. I did a nose RC in a dream, but when I tried to fly, it wasn’t working. What I think happened was I didn’t actually ask myself “Am I dreaming?” when I did the RC, therefore it didn’t provoke Lucidness. I was just trying to fly subconciously, because my subconcious knew I wanted to do that, although that’s not the highest prioritized thing to do once I get in a LD. I will post the start of the dream (whatever is relevant to my dream :RC, not getting Lucid,etc.) This was also after a WBTB, although I fell asleep before I could actually stay up an hour, so really, it was a failed attempt of a WBTB.

  1. I was in my bed, and I had done an RC, so I imagined my room and slowly opened my eyes. Immediately after this RC, I thought of trying to fly. As I was walking out of my room, I was breathing through my pinched nose, but I still didn’t get lucid at that moment. I went out to the eastern balcony and started jumping and trying to fly. Once, I jumped up once and landed face-first on the balcony, and I could actually feel pain.

What are your thoughts?
The reasons I don’t think this was an LD was because of 2 reasons

  1. I couldn’t fly even though I was in a dream. If I was lucid, I would be able to
  2. Even in a Lucid Dream, I wouldn’t try flying first

Well that’s a very good result after such a short time.

The dream sounds a bit like a false lucid dream or otherwise one with low lucidness since you were mostly doing stuff on auto-pilot it seems and weren’t really in control of your actions.

It’s not no lucid dream just because the flying failed, because that happens to most beginners (myself included) the very first time, since it takes some time for your brain to overcome the limitations of the normal world and truly believe anything is possible.

Anyway, now that you’ve come at the point of doing RC’s in your dream, it’s time to start focusing on how to stabilize and prolong lucid dreams and raise your awareness .

I think i’m getting closer to DILD’s:
When I’m dreaming now, my conscious is really working and questioning. If I see something that’s out of place, it will be questioning it, it’s just that isn’t followed up by a Rc.
What do you guys think?

That sure looks like you’re just one step away from becoming lucid. Make sure you keep doing RC’s in waking life as well when you question if something is a dream or not even when you’re pretty sure it’s not a dream. When dreaming things can look so real that it makes you skip the RC. This can only be avoided by doing the RC regardless of whether you think it’s a dream or not. When you become more experienced with lucid dreaming, it becomes much easier to distinguish between dream and WL. Just questioning “Is this a dream?” will often be enough to realize you’re dreaming.

Yes you are doing it right.Make this awareness your habit.
I would recommend you to read this

After reading this and employing it I started to have lucid dreams.