Am I Gonna Do Okay?

Well, I’m new to Lucid Dreaming. In fact, I only heard about that once before coming to this site and I didn’t believe in it. Now I’m willing to give it a shot. Here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. Keep a special notebook and a special pen on the drawer near my bed as a Dream Journal and use it as a Dream Journal only. I’ll write whatever I remember from my dreams in it as soon as I wake up. I’ll also try to title the dreams.
  2. In that Journal I’m going to have a section where I write stuff that happen regularly in my dreams.
  3. When I become more aware of my dreams I’ll try and do reality checks in order to have a Lucid Dream.
    Is there anything else I can do to reach Lucid Dreaming? I’m known as a pretty presistent guy, so keeping up with it shouldn’t be a problem.

well for one dont wait till your dream recall is better to start RC 's start them right away, and also try and find a induction tech. you find is most comfy for you and keep trying, you dont HAVE to have great recall for a lucid dream, just keep at it

Alright, I’ll start doing Reality Checks as soon as possible (I usually wear a hand digital watch, so it shouldn’t be a problem). And what’s an induction technique?

like WILD WBTB umm MILD and there are more, hold your mouse over the caps to see what they mean, or ask someone like moogle to give you a link to them all, im new here myself dffailry and dont know my way round greatly lol

Here are a few links to helpful FAQS to help you with lucid dreaming, take a look, hope they help =]

Reality Checking FAQ

How to choose which lucid dream inducing technique is best for you

A short desription of all lucid dream inducing techniques

Useful lucid dreaming information sites

Hope these help :slight_smile:

Oop, also, a good guide to help you make the most of your Dream Journal :cool: