Am I making progress [WILD]?

So last night I wanted to try WILD but failed, but I think i made some progress

when i was counting 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming 3 im dreaming , when I got to 45 Im dreaming or something , My whole body [except my head of course!] started going numb and I felt a little dizzy as well. Am I making progress? Or was it a complete fail period?

I have had only 1 lucid dream though it wasn’t for long since i was too excited, I am a beginner willing to learn, are there any other methods that I can try? I tried looking for tuts on the forum but the only thing i was able to find were FAQs…

That sounds like a start, but if it’s being done in the beginning of the night that will just be the beginning of it. You can figure in several instances of things like this happening before the dream begins. For most people, it will be about 90 minutes from when you first start going to sleep. If you want to do it at this time, the best thing to do is to try to ignore the things happening to you and to push through.

It will go a lot faster with many less similar symptoms if you try WILD 4-6 hours after first going to sleep. At this time you will go into REM almost immediately so you won’t feel as many of the things happening to your body.

I have experienced something like that some time ago; I was trying to get in WILD by thinking about different things and letting my thoughts wander, when I felt strong vibrations getting through my body. I started to have hipnagogics and fall into the dream, but I got so excited that I lost my lucidity and had a ND :neutral: but I think it IS some kind of progress…

That sounds like progress to me. The experience is a little different for everyone, so you won’t know what it is like for you until you WILD successfully. As Rhewin said, trying WILD after being asleep for a few hours makes it much easier.

As for other methods: That also includes some variations of WILD that may help you out.

Ok if i get sleeping body state in one minute, i cant move my body, im totaly relaxed, and see lots psychodelic images, colors and so on, some time appears real life images for second. And many many times then i want to go to wild i dont remember half of my dreams, head looks like blank in the morning… When i go sleep normal i always remember all details. Meditation before going sleep makes dreams nicer, without NMs and full rest sleeping time minimize 5-6h and like WILD meditation erease lots of dreams …

If I understand correctly, your dream recall suffers when you attempt to WILD, and in general meditation gives you better dreams. I would try experimenting with different combinations of meditation and WILD. For example, meditate before falling asleep initially and only perform WILD once you’ve been asleep for a few hours. At least that way you’ll be able to recall your dreams from the first part of your sleep.