Am I ready?

So, I’m on my fifty-third dream jouna entry and counting. I can always remember at least one dream per night, and most of the time, I rembeber two or three. Am I ready to attempt lucid dreaming? Also, which method do you think I should use. It may aslo be worth mentioning that in my dreams, I notice the same person in my dreams alot, so something to do with DC’s might be an option. AM I READY?!? :happy:

Somewhat off topic Creed reference:

[spoiler]Am I ready?
Am I ready?!?
For what’s to come!?!

(Good song: “Are You Ready?” :peek: )[/spoiler]

You’re ready when you feel you are ready.

That sounded AWESOME.

You’re always ready. :grin: I didn’t wait when starting my DJ back up. Have at it and see what happens!

As to methods, there’s a lot of them. There’s a list here:

Good luck and happy dreaming! :content:

Yes. You’re definately ready. Also, you might want to try and use the DC to your advantage. The next time you see the DC, you will know it’s a dream.

I’d say you are more then ready. Not only do you seem to feel that you are ready but you have good dream recall and are keeping up with the dream journal. Start off with Mild and WBTB in the early morning.

I worked on my DJ and LD at the same time… I was ready to LD from the start… (My first MILD worked… then I had 4 WBTB/DEILD hybrid LD’s)

You are definatly ready! So start those RCs if you haven’t already. I did RCs at the same time as record my dreams, and i got lucid on my own. and try WILDs read the WILD variation about the spinning, it’s by xetrov or something.

Ask yourself if you are ready.
Look around this section of the forum for techs, personally I like WILD, MILD, RCs, FILD, and I DILD occasionally. Other methods you can try are WBTB, and… I forget… :eh:
Also, I just focus on LDing in general and what I want to do. It works for me. :wink:
Good Luck!

Go ahead and good luck !