An easy WILD technique: visualizing colours

Doesn’t it sound more lika a “colour” technique then a sound? :tongue:

Anyway, I’ll try this technique, seems to be basic enough to actually work!
This exercise is included in a yoga nidra-CD I often listen to (“See a red rose, an orange, a yellow tulip, etc.”).

That still doesn’t really answer my questions. If I think of a rose, or something red else, I see it too, but it’s a difference if I do that or use my closed eyelid to see it with my real eye.

I never physically “saw” anything. I would just imagine a red car for example, from an angle until I “felt” like “ok, I processed that one, visualized it, felt it”. This technique is really like an exercise for your mind. Somehow visualizing colors and light triggers something.

You can be creative, like imagining… a green naked fairy chick! or a big purple marijuana plant… or a yellow orange, an orange banana…

I never “saw it” with my eyes, but just imagining things and cycling through colors definitely can trigger an experience that can change one’s life, at least it did for me. Took a few days to practice it though.

Yes ^^ this is a very effective technique ^^ I use this to go into Alpha state :smile: As I’ve said in another post my mother taught me this years ago, as she has learned it from her psychology class in college. It’s definately worth the effort :content:

my dad has some internet blocker up and when i went there because it was categorized as “illegal” and “news”, :-P. i guess there’s a law against LD’s.

Lol, totse is a very controversial website. Here I’ll just paste it for you.

Visualization Excercises.

As you close your eyes, and make yourself confortable, I want you to visualize colors…

The Spectrum, in fact.


This process is an excellent relaxation technique, and brings you closer
to your subconscious mind while in the waking state.

First Color = Red… Think of the color red… Actually see this color in
your mind’s eye. It can be a red spot… or a red porche, a red rose…
Anything red… You simply have to make sure that the color red has been seen
and experienced.

Second Color = Orange… Do the same as with the first… See the color orange in your mind’s eye.

Do this same process for all of the colors upon falling asleep…

You dont need to do this every night. Once a week is fine… However…
You might find that its an extremely relaxing state that the excercise puts
you in… So, you might wanna do it more often.

This excercise puts you in a relaxed, alpha state… as well as stimulates
your inner eye for detail during dreaming.

Many times, you will find that you fall asleep before you even reach
Violet… this is good… because you will most likely find youself in a dream
of the last colored object that you were imagining.


Hmmm. I guess I’ll try this one. Visualizing colors… seems interesting.

I tried it yesterday, I always fell into that state of blackout while doing it, then I woke up and thought “shit, I have to visualize colors”.

Hey, I’ll try this tonight :happy:
Who knows, it might work :content:

Yes, that’s what I did. Last night. It helped me to relax my body, eventually it fell asleep. But I wasn’t in a very comfortable position and my ear hurt. I also heard weird sounds coming from a distance. I wasn’t scared. Then I had this “click” and felt like my stomach had been pulled in from inside for a second or two. Now THAT was weird. I knew then that my body had fallen asleep. I waited for some more, but eventually got bored, cause nothing happened. I was supposed to be entering my dream. :neutral:

ho ho, how funny we are :tongue:

I think I’m going to try it tonight, so I’ll post in the morning my findings.

Yeah, my common sense is telling me to stick with what I know works rather than try a bunch of new things.

Last night, like I said, Ive been practicing this every night again. So last night I had one! It was great! I walked outside of my door knowing “ok Im dreaming” and immediately flew without any doubts I could fly, which felt awesome. I went up into the sky in front of my house, then spun around, looked around, everything was real looking, and stable. I made a very important mental note to realize “Im aware and dreaming” and to remember it. This technique delivers!

From what I can remember, I cycled through the colors at least 3 times, getting carried away here and there but I kept trying for as long as I could, imagining basketballs, cars, trees, all kinds of stuff. I’ve never gone STRAIGHT into an LD from this technique, but I sure have had LDs from it. My first one ever came from this technique… Keep up with it! If it works, post back your results.

Glad to hear it’s working for ya classical! :content: I’m gonna keep up with it too, the results I got last night were good imo, though I didn’t get any lucid dreams. But I think I can try WILD with this. :cool_laugh:

But I have a question for you, classicalhisux. Did you repeat it (3 times)until you fell asleep? Or did you just go through it three times and then thought about other stuff until you fell asleep?

I tried, but I forgot about the order and lost lucidity.


But since it gets many good reviews from you guys, I think I’ll try again tonight.

I kept trying for as long as I could be aware, I remember making at least 3 full “cycles” then kept getting caught up in thoughts, but started over back at red a few times… I kept going for as long as I could…

Ok. Thanks for telling. I did the cycle a few times, I think it was three times as well. Then I got bored with it. Tonight I’ll do it over and over again.

I attempted it during a nap. I didn’t have one, but it put me in a state of mind and body that usually takes me a really long time to get to through meditation. Needless to say, I’m excited about this outcome. I’ll try it for a few nights and report again :content:

I can tell you guys what I do, it keeps me very aware and very relaxed…

First: I rid of all thoughts on my mind, and see the color black. After I only see this darkness, I imagine the number eight and its two circles. Imagine a line deviding each of them. One of these circles is the Objective world, and one is the Subjective world. Tell yourself you want to enter the subjective world.

Second: With the colors, I find my mind doesn’t wander if I only imagine the full color, no material objects such as cars or trees. (It’s just a suggestion, you can do whatever you please ^^)

Third: You see the color red, focus on this color for roughly 10 seconds, and tell yourself, You are becoming closer and closer to a more peaceful state of mind. (Or whatever words work best for you) Take a deep breath in, and out. Then picture orange, you continue this process until you reach the color blue. Once you see blue, you should feel yourself floating, as if floating out of your body. You are surrounded by the universe and its millions of stars. You look down at the earth, and see all of the continents, and how they fit together as a puzzle. Then you look at yourself, see how you fit together as a puzzle, every part of you matters. (Though I guess you could skip this part, I just enjoy it :tongue: ) Proceed, and picture the color green, purple, then violate. Then you see all white. And thus, in your alpha state ^^…Or I would hope you are.

I can’t gaurantee this will make WILDing all the easier ,but it does bring you into a very peaceful state of mind…at least for me it does.

Please tell me if this helps you out any, I would like to see if this works for anyone else.

I tried this last night and it didn’t work. Maybe because I visualized the colors too fast…?

I also didn’t think to cycle through the colors. I went once through and was bored of it.

Ne0, 1 cycle is probably not enough :eh: