Anime supporters !

Geez! What is the deal w/ Anime?
/me waits for the expected smack on the head.
I’ve only seen some of what they have on Starz (Well you know, some of the vampire ones anyway. I mean it’s vampires! Of course I’m gonna watch it, if there isn’t anything else on)
And I saw Spirited Away and various other kid’s cartoons more time than I like to remember. My kids love it. So why is it that everybody is so up on this stuff. What am I missing?

/me smacks Anamcara.

Gosh that felt good. Then you haven’t watched the right Anime. Most of what you see on tv isn’t really technically good.

They’re worth watching. Except if you just think of them as cartoons then you’ll never get it.

/me thinks maybe Iluminada put a little extra smack in there.

Ok, I’ll look for some by the Hayo guy and see for myself.

:silent: I plead the 5th on that comment.

With anime, you have to think of what type of characters you like. What do you like in a movie or plot. B/c not all anime is compatible to what people like.

And with some of these people you really have to enjoy or not mind sci-fi.

Well I love scifi, and vampires and werewolves. Spirited Away was all right with the spirits. I just got sick of it after the 50th time. And most of what I’ve seen was for younger audiences, I guess.

Then you’re missing some good anime. B/c the majority of these aren’t made for kids.

/me makes a mental note to say she is not referencing Hentai.

Some of the anime I’ve seen are for adults. They haven’t been edited. Are you good with gore?

No problem with gore at all really. My favorite part of nursing is wound care actually. :grin:

Then watch Grave of the Fireflies… It’ll make you cry.

/me makes mental note to try and watch Grave of the Fireflies.

Lemme see, I’ve watched quite a few anime (though not as much as Fadem) and they’re mostly only series. I’m too lazy to try and remember all of the ones I’ve watched though. Here’s a few though…

Dragonball (Z and GT included)
Yu-Yu Hakusho
One Piece (I really like this one.)
Yu-Gi Oh
Samurai X (I keep whistling the sad theme of this to myself for the past 2 years…)
Samurai Deeper Kyo
InuYasha (I’ve yet to see the whole series but its pretty good)
Hajime no Ippo (Unbelievably great boxing anime.)

That’s all for now.

Oh I watched Vampire Hunter D yesterday Iluminada… its pretty good, I like the newer version better than the old one though…

Grave of the fireflies is so depressing … I can’t watch that too many times :sad: … I heard they are making it into a film too?

Currently watching:
One piece
Ranma 1/2

Going to watch:
Vampire hunter D
Blade of the immortal
Spirited away
Grave of the fireflies.

Ummm, I think I’ll skip Grave of the Fireflies…I don’t need to cry, really

Oh is bleach any good ? My mate absoulutly detests it … but I heard good things about it

I`ve just seen the first episode, but it seems really cool. Currently downloading the rest.

Anyone watch Serial Experiment: Lain or something?.. I’m thinking of borrowing it from my classmate.

Grave of the Fireflies is good. It’s a well put together Anime. It has a great realistic quality to it. The characters and the drawing is just great.

Yeah, it’s sad b/c it depicts a time in our history. Something that truly happened. No one likes the holocaust but people still watch Schindler’s List, Sophie’s Choice, The Pianist, etc…

I liked Elfen Lied too but I’m having trouble getting a hold of the rest of the series. Some guy at the anime store told us that it’s not out yet. Does anyone know for sure.

Oh, and Ninja Scroll is good too.

Good boy :tongue:

/me gives cookie

I’m currently watching:

  • Bleach (the first 12-13 episodes aren’t that good, but after that it just gets better and better me thinks)
  • Naruto
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Speed Grapher
  • Berserk
  • Gun x Sword

I’ve watched the following:

  • Trigun
  • Spirited Away
  • Princess Mononoke
    And some other stuff I can’t remember…

I may start to watch these when I’m out of stuff to watch:

  • One Piece
  • Hunter x Hunter

Okay, I’ve seen Bleach mentioned more than once. Curiousity now has the best of me. Someone tell me what it’s about, please.

I grabbed this bleach discription from some site…

“The story is about Ichigo (lead character) becoming a substitute Death God trying to stop “Hollows” (evil spirts) from killing good spirits. As the story unfolds conspiracies starts to take place creating the twists of the story.”

Sounds intresting … i’ll give it a watch after I catch up in Naruto…