Any easy ways?

Hi, I hust joined this forum today and tried lucid dreaming two days ago. I think before I go to sleep, Im going to dream, it IS a dream. but still I wake up slapping myself on the head for not realising im dreaming.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

By the way have any of you tried shrinking to like the size of a bug while lucid (just a thought).

anyway thanks

No i haven’t tried to shrink to the size of a bug but good idea, adding it to my ld list of things to do ok thanks!

Hi Kropa

You’ll definately have lucid dreams eventually if you keep at it, but not everyone will have one in the first two days of trying.
The average time it takes to have your first non spontanious Lucid Dream usually ranges from two weeks to a month, but some people have it on their first night, some, after like, three monthes, so its good to be patient, yet look foward to having one.
If you want some techniques, you start with a dream journal, writing down your dreams as soon as you awaken in a first person perspective, and using it to find your dreamsigns, which are cues that can let you know if your dreaming.
Next you can try Reality Checks, the MILD technique, auto suggestion (like what your alredy doing), falling alseep conciously, Dream Yoga, etc.
You can learn about this stuff by searching the web or asking people on this site. :smile:

I agree with Josh Redstone: not everyone will have one in the first two days of trying.
Autosuggestion is a good technique. I’ve had up to 7 LD’s a month with it. You can look at this technique too :
With autosuggestion, giving yourself a goal in your LD can help you to realize you’re dreaming, and you can also verify your progress. Similarly, you can practise autosuggestion with RC’s.

I’ll let you in on a closely guarded secret. They are all easy. (Don’t tell anyone)

However, you might want to do some simple relaxation techniques before you do the auto suggestion. Doing so will help your suggestion filter into you subconscious better. Also, I agree with the idea of doing reality checks during the day.

Happy Dreaming

Thanks alot all of you.

Don’t forget to shrink.

Thanks for the advice Dr.Cool good stuff

i’ve changed into an owl before (an odd thing to choose, i know, but i wasn’t as lucid as i can possibly be), and that’s as small as i’ve gone.

it’s still a great feeling, though, but i imagine, as with all things lucid, the effects of any transmutation are only as intense as you’d initially expect them to be - if changing into a bug is something you think you’ll really enjoy, then you will; it’s all about what you believe will happen, as with the process of transmutation itself.

I once had a dream (although I wasn’t really lucid) in which I had control over the dream environment, and shrunk down to a size much smaller then a bug; a friend of mine, who was with me, became so large that I couldn’t see him. The sensation was definitely an odd one, and in my opinion not quite as gratifying as traditional shapeshifting, but if you’re curious as to what it’s like, there’s definitely no harm in trying it. You don’t have to take my word for it, anyway. :smile: