Are RC enough?

I’ve recently started keeping a DJ and doing reality checks, but are reality checks enough or should I add a technique? Or that would perhaps be too much? What do you guys suggest?
Thanks in advance :smile:

for some people only RCs are enough, but I would encourage you to try different techniques and see what works for YOU the best. Don’t over-think it, just try what you like and see it’s result. Here’s a good starting point How to choose your technique

Good Luck :smile:

Different things work for different people, so I suggest trying a few different things (though make sure to give each time). RC’s can be a powerful tool, but you need to make sure that you have the right thought behind it. You don’t want to mindlessly go through the motion of the RC, you need to really think about it.

Here’s the main thing: you have no reason at all to believe you are awake right now. There have been many times, I’m sure, where you’ve had a dream that felt completely real. This very moment you could be dreaming and it just seems real. How can you be sure? Maybe you should RC to find out…

You just did an RC a few minutes ago? You sure that’s not a false memory :wink:?

Thanks Spider, I will have a look at that topic :wink:

Wow Rhewin, your post has really enlightened me, it’s definitely given me a new perspective on RC