are WILD's scary at all???

ok so I just learned about WILD’s yesterday and I really wanted to have one, but then I kept having second thoughts because I don’t want any of it to be scary. Like the HI or the LD. Is it scary??? And also, can you tell me EXACTLY how to? I havent quite caught on about it yet… :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:

[WILD - An user friendly tutorial)

Read this tutorial. :grin:

Also WILDs are only scary if you really think they’ll be scary. Or if you’re afraid of everything. :tongue:

As a warning, WILD’s are quite difficult for those new at it, so good luck.

Yes WILDS can be scary if you forget that everything you experience is just in your head. Though it can vary somewhat from person to person you might hear voices, or strange noises. You will get the falling feeling, HI etc. (I personally have only succeed once, somewhat on accident, and only ended up hearing a couple noises and the sinking feeling then I was in a dream) As for the LD itself being scary, it is what you make it. :wink:

Hardly-- I used to suffer from sleep paralysis, and the hallucinations that came with it were scary, but my first LD was a WILD and don’t recall the transition into dreaming as carrying the slightest disturbance at all. It was more like a daydream taking on a life of its own. No worries. :wink:

There is a possibility that something will be scary. I haven’t encountered any visual or auditory hallucinations that were scary, but I rather disliked the feeling one time when I seemed to disintegrate and fade away. I learned a new definition of “feeling faint” as I felt I barely existed. Everything started spinning as a nauseous speed and I felt suffocated. I believe it has to do with losing touch with my senses and having no inner body image to transfer to at that time. To avoid such incidents it is best to do WILD after a few hours sleep. Then you are more likely to fall into a dream right away, and have dream senses to transfer to.

I know, WILD does seem scary, especially about the old hag and scary hallucinations. Sometimes you may hear screaming, people whispering in your ear, and people touching you, or seeing hallucinations of scary supernatural things eg. ghosts(sorry if I scared you) I have seen them before, but the thing is youre in a really strange state when youre WILDing, its like you dont really care about anything, and nothing really scares you. You may look back at it later and be scared, but the actual moment when youre experiencing you wont be, and plus, if youre expecting to have it, you probably will, so think about other stuff instead. It also helps sleeping in the same room as someone else.

Well, that’s one more good thing about trying to WILD in the morning for some people.

Some wouldn’t be as scared in the morning…

Well using the WILD I had 4 lucid dreams in a row… IT might be scary though if it develops into Sleep paralysis. You might get SP if you use an unnatural method like an alarm clock but, If you wake up at random times at night it should be no problem.

I thought sleep paralysis would be scary… but it’s really not. It’s actually rather peaceful feeling. The only thing that can be sort of scary is the noises that you sometimes may hear.

Don’t be put off by it being ‘scary’. It’s all on personal experience. Think about it in a more adventurous way, the actual process of WILD is amazing, enjoy it and experience it, there can be no harm brought to you. It’s your own body afterall, so you can’t be scared of your own self and mind.

Yes, I find this the best attitude. “Bring it on, Old Hag! Let’s see what you got!!”

I mean, I think SP can be really scary if you have no idea what it is! Although the first time I got SP without knowing what it was it only felt like a weird dream where I couldn’t get up, but I saw it as a dream so I knew it would end soon, and it did.

Mew151 nailed it, it’s only scary if you think it should be scary.

I’ve never found it to be scary, ever. Instead, I find it very exciting and exhilarating. I’ve often gotten so excited that I accidentally woke myself up early.

HI isn’t scary either. I get tons of it when I go to sleep, it’s just random thoughts/images/sounds. It tells me that sleep is near and that I should be getting ready to recognize an LD.

In fact, LDing has removed all traces of fear from my dreams. Nightmares are great chances to recognize that you’re dreaming. I love turning to the monster and asking it why it’s doing what it’s doing. I often get comical answers.

yes, usually my WILD’s are scary too.