Astral Projection

That answered my questions very nicely, thanks!

ive also heard in the astral planes that you can meet your spirit guides , i really hope i can meet my guide.

You dont have to be any specific religion to access your chakras. If you close your eyes and do energy excercises you can feel them, usually like someone is pressing on the spot they are located or a throbbing.

Acually you can meet them in waking life. I have 7 of them and i can identify each one of them by getting to know them well enough. They can tell you anything u want to know…they’re facinating to talk to.

Do you actually have to believe this to be able to AP?
(from the linked site)

I mean… Come on…

When it comes to APing, you really don’t have to believe anything but that APing, its self, is possible.

If you don’t wish to believe in the Astral Planes that is your choice, but then if they don’t exist how can you project into the Astral? :eh:

Believe what you will, so long as you have faith that APing is possible, you should still be able to do it. Although to me it sounds more like he is talking about LDing and the ability to create your environment than to actually AP.

There’s so many different views on what Aping is that no one can truly say they know the truth. It’s all just opinion. Some people think APing is related to dreaming, some don’t.

/me points to the “meet your spirit guide while awake” link in his sig.

i dont think you have had an AP or even tried.Although i could be wrong.
but seriously if you dont belive in this stuff, just give it a shot for yourself!

and thanks for the link Mohegan

Fair 'nuff, I think I can get myself to believe that it’s a very powerful version of dreaming/meditation, I’ve never doubted that people actually experience these things, I just have absolutely no belief in astral planes, if I get any results I suppose I might alter my belief in other dimensions (it’s a package deal when you believe in String and M-theorie) to sort of fit the mind being able to sense these when in these states, I still have to think of an underlying theorie that would physically work and not sound completely insane though.

And about having AP’s, I personally think you need a lot of energy to actually can have them and to successfuly move your astral body freely. In that way I think AP is really different of LD. You need so much energy to have an AP. I’m talking about personal experience. In my point of view (that is exigent) you have to stop any kind of vicious act, like smoking, drinking, doing drugs, masturbating (I think sex is a vice like anything else or like any drug) and stop doing anything that put your consciousness locked in a prision. That’s why I have a particulary spiritual point of view about life. I think to reach this experiences truly, you have to transform yourself into a better person.

Some may agree with that and some may not.
It’s just a point of view.

There are energetic techniques that are teached to improve your body energy, after you stop discarding it for nothing.

Go on.