Attacked by DCs during LDs

Often when I get lucid in a dream, it is fun for a while and I try to fly and go down stair cases, but then there are cults or bad DCs who start attacking me and it physically hurts even though I know it is just a dream and I cannot get past these DCs or cults or pych hospitals to continue the lucid dream the adventure.

are there ways to escape this and not be attacked in every LD??

Maybe inception was more than just a fictional movie story and you’re actually in somebody else’s dream who is trained against dream invasion :hmmm:

Joke side, I think suffering from something like this is not all too strange. I have some practical advice although I’m not particularly well practiced with it myself. You said you know that they can’t hurt you, but you probably don’t believe it subconsciously. I think it may help you to work on your self assertion inside the dream, to become fully aware of who’s master in your dream world. Then you can use plain intent to send them away effortlessly.

How to do that? Like with most things regarding lucid dreaming, it’s a waking life preparation that actually does it. When preparing for your next LD, build intent on spending some time inside the dream to assert yourself of your status inside the dream. It may also raise awareness itself and make control easier.

I draw this advice mostly from the master key lesson by the rudder.

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Stand up to them with Love and Compassion in your heart. Ask them how you can help them. Remember it is an aspect of yourself that is demanding to be heard.


Ask to join the cult! Sounds like an interesting LD adventure!

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I dealt with this a few times. I can specifically recall a dream where a DC “kicked me out.” It threw me into an FA, but I knew better than to give it up. I rubbed my hands until I restored the dream, went back to that DC, and told them to kick themself out. It worked. For some reason I also remember Kermit the Frog commenting, but it’s been so long I couldn’t tell you what he said.

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