Attempt to WILD: what is this numb feeling?

Hello everyone,
the other night, after going through all the advises on the website, I was determined to WILD no matter what
I went to bed early, lit a warming red light, drank tea…
The atmosphere was completely relaxing.
Then in the dark, I started breathing slowly in and out, relaxing each one of my muscles, and listening to my pulses. I tried not to move in spite of this uncomfortable want to swallow my saliva.
Suddenly my toes started to tickle. My heart started to race, i was excited and forced myself to breathe slower. A few minutes later the tickling climbed up to my hands and my whole body felt numb. It was as if I was floating in black emptiness. I tried to perceive coloured spots in vain. So I doubted about this numbness being really part of WILD.
Then I unvoluntarily swallowed my saliva and the numbness went away.
I tried again. The same feeling came back again and this time I tried to wait until I could enter my dream but when the tickling reached my shoulders nothing happened. I waited and waited, again and again. A minute felt like an hour.
Finally I was totally discouraged and feeling too tired.
And here I am, asking for help :help:
Was is this numbness really about? Should I keep trying?

Thanks in advance :wiske:

It is not totally clear whether or not you did this from your post, but WILD is supposed to be done after waking up in the middle of the night.

Well, this happens to me too actually, quite frequently. I usually get to the numb, floating part, and I never get that much HI either. Frankly, I am curious about that too :eh:

About the numbness, though, look at this chart. I guess it helped me understand what to look for in my WILDs.
Hope I could help! :tongue:

The numbness is completely normal, it is your body relaxing. The tickling is your energy body becoming active this is a very good thing. The classic description is like a spiderweb especially on your face it can be like torture at times but you must resist it fter time it passes quickly.

So you were on the right track you managed to relax your muscles. The next step is ‘forgetting’ about your physical body. So when the numbness starts ‘forget’ about your limbs. Eventually you will lose concious awareness of your physical body. This is alarming at first, don’t worry your body will completely wake up if it is in trouble, no harm will come to you.

HI will only come on once you lower your brainwaves from the active alpha/beta levels down to you lower theta/delta levels.

WILD can be attempted at any stage of sleep but it is the most difficult technique to master, try it as soon as you wake in the morning, I find the most success then.

Is it disturbing if there are noises when you try to WILD?
Like a member of your family going to the bathroom, or two of them whispering in the room next door…
Thank you all for your answers

Ok, perhaps I should not even answer as i do not think I have succeeded a WILD before. However, when I do try… I find it very annoying to hear noises that are not illusory… and sadly the thermostat makes a loud crack–I think that has taken me out of the process several times.