Auto-Lucid Technique?

Is there some way to make it so that you always dream lucid, to the point where you can’t have normal dreams. WILD is somewhat tedious to do every night, and I know WritersCube says he is always lucid. Does anyone know if this can be replicated in anyone?

Wyvern also almost never had normal dreams anymore. He taught himself this. You can come to LD4all chat and ask him personally.
However don’t get your hopes up. This will require work. For some people it works easily, for others it’s very hard. Very few people can have only LDs. But if you work on it you can get results. LDs aren’t something you can just “get” as simply as pushing a button. You must work with yourself to gain the ability to do it.

lol, no need to look for wyvern…

Wyvern uses Lucid Living. The idea is to check your reality all the time (kinda) and stay lucid all the time, including while awake.

Also, this can help: [url]The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers].

I find LL pretty stressful when you have lots of things to do.