Awareness Problem

I Haven’t had a Lucid dream in like ages! I have dream recall of roughly 1 dream + few dream fragments of second one. I always try mantra before sleep and do WBTB sometimes. I regularly perform RC and developed habit that i sometimes will randomly do it and think about it. Yet no Lucid dreams for past month or so. I guess problem might be in my level of awareness. So my question is, do you have any good methods of raising your awareness and if you have any suggestions what other things may prevent me from LD i would greatly appreciate any answers.
Thank You :smile:

Pretty much the best key to awareness is to make sure you’re always asking where you are, what you are doing and if it makes sense. On top of that, try to feel the world around you. Since you’ve had a lucid dream before, ask yourself if it feels the same. Now, even if you think it feels right, it’s not a gaurantee, but it will help keep you thinking.

On top of that, I highly suggest you read this article by Robert Waggoner. He gives a lot of good insight into what frequent lucid dreamers keep on thier minds.

Thanks for response! :smile:
I had a tiny moment of brief lucidity tonight! Anyways I incorporated awareness exercises into my WL regime. The article is really good and makes sense :smile:. Awareness seems to be the thing causing the LDs, techniques like RC’s just help you with it but awareness is basic building block and obviously dream recall too :smile:

Do you faithfully record your dreams in a journal? Keeping a DJ regularly is the most effective way to enhance recall and dream awareness, in my experience. One+ recall per night is good. When I record my dreams, I usually remember at least 3 complete dreams in vivid detail per night (more if I WBTB or take naps), also when I journal regularly I tend to have at least 2-3 LDs per week, sometimes I will have LDs every night for two weeks straight! I never had them that frequently before I started keeping a DJ though.

You could also try drinking tea with mugwort or taking a ginkgo supplement at bedtime. Mugwort is supposed to enhance dream vividness, and ginkgo helps with memory and recall. I have noticed that ginkgo will help me remember my dreams more easily.

Good luck!