Back with a question

Hey all! I’ve been really busy the last few months and haven’t been able to visit. I’ve had 3 lucid dreams recently. However, despite consciously knowing it was a dream, I was not able to exhibit any control over the dream. Anybody have any help for this?

Control is a matter of will and belief in dreams. If you have doubt that you can do something, it will seriously effect the chances of it happening. You didn’t give much detail, but a lot of times we try to actively control the dream (i.e. you try to change the color of a DC’s shirt just by willing it). Passive control, while maybe not as exciting, is a better way to get results early on. Rather than me try to explain it, check out tosxyChor’s guide here.

Thanks. The dream was a bit realistic, so I may have been limiting myself out of fear that the dream was real and I didn’t want to embarass myself.