bad lucid dreaming?

hey guys, a few days back i learnt about lucid dreaming and it seemed really cool, i remember becoming lucid in a dream when i was 9, but thats not the point

i decided to start trying it out and when i told my dad he said to be careful cos i could screw up my brain with this stuff, he told me about how he knew a guy who met some scientologists and the brainwashed him to think like them. now hes in a mental hospital, he said they used hypnosis and since lucid dreaming is connecting the subconsious with trhe consious, he said to hold it off, well somehow last night i had a lucid dream(mayb i was thinking about it too much, like mild), but do you guys know of any time when a guy ended up in an asylm cos of lucid dreaming, lets talk about other bad stuff too

Don’t worry.Your dad probably doesn’t know anything about lucid dreaming, and he can’t know whether it can hurt you or not.Get rid of those thought, I assure you, lucid dreams can only do good for you.

thanks and since i will be trying it is there a good thread on how to get started i want to experience another one as soon as i want

I don’t know if there is such thread, but I’ll help you.
You can read in my other posts that I suggest WBTB and then combine it with MILD, cause it gives good results.I guess you know how to do those techniques, if not, then read it on this page(not the forum but the start page).

Also do reality checks during the day if you remember(I never do).
There is also the WILD technique, but it requires focus.

“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques

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