becoming lucid

can someone plz explain all the things that you say all the time that ends with ILD and stuff, all the techniques to become lucid, insted of the reality check cause i forgrt to do it in my dreams…

You can visit these links to go from there:
The LD4all dictionary


I wouldn’t discount reality checks so soon. :smile:

It might take a bit of time and devotion, but I assure you it’ll pay off. You just have to do them enough times during the day for them to have an effective influence on your subconscious mind. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves though, it’s important that you first build up a bit of familiarity with your own dreams. This means keeping a journal, and documenting as much as you can remember each morning when you wake up. If you can’t do this (though I strongly recommend it), at least spend a few minutes in the morning thinking back over what you were dreaming about. This’ll give you some idea of what you most commonly dream about, and can help significantly in identifying ‘dreamsigns’ - which are common dream occurrences that can be used to trigger the realization that you’re dreaming.

Once you’ve got a few dreamsigns listed, you can take advantage of them. For example, if you commonly dream about cats, you might want to perform a reality check each time you see a cat during the day. By doing this you’re essentially developing an association between cats and checking whether or not you’re dreaming. In a short while, you’ll find that seeing a cat, even in a dream, will remind you to do a reality check – hopefully leading to you becoming lucid.

It’s important to be patient, and to accept that your results are going to depend largely on how much effort you put in. Feel free to look around the forums for other popular methods to use in addition.

Good luck. :wink:

thanx, it helpd me to understand things much better :content: