Beggining dreamer needing help.

Hey guys, I’m pretty new at this (just heard about lucid dreams a few weeks ago). For the last few nights I’ve been trying to havd an LD with a DJ, and have been able to remember a dream a night for the last few days, which is rare for me. I have a few questions and would love any help offered.

  1. It takes me 20-30 min to fall asleep, so it’s hard to stay relaxed for a WILD and once I’m awake, I stay awake, making a WBTB hard. Any suggestions?

  2. I sleep on my stomache, will this effect anything?

  3. 3rd person dreams- any way to make them lucid?


  1. Perhaps you could try other techniques besides WILD. MILD might be a good one for you to try… see this topic for more info on what techniques might suit you best:

  2. Sleeping on your stomache will reduce your chances of getting old hag when trying WILD, or so the survey at this site says…

  3. Don’t know about that one, as I’ve never become lucid through that… don’t see why not, though.

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Thanks. I’m up at 2:20 AM now, I guess I woke up to write the dream down… same thing happend last nite. Maby WBTB wil work this time. Thanks again for advice.

It doesn’t have to be a 3rd person dream before you get lucid, you can change every Lucid Dream into a 3rd person dream you just have to imagine it.

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You can try other techniques, like MILD or VILD.

You could also start meditating, that will help you face those boooooring twenty minutes in which you wait for yourself to fall asleep. Well, at least it helped me. :tongue:

Not at all, I do so too. :smile:

Disembodied observers? Hm, some people say they only dream this way, or that they have managed to RC in a disembodied dream and control it in different ways—either assuming the narrator role and controling all characters on will or by ontroling themselves from the distance. The point is: you can still realize you’re dreaming. That never happened to me, but lets trust the people to whom this has. :grin:

Hey guys, thanks for all the advice. Just a real quick update, I had a dream that I can barely remember which woke me up. I guess this is the best time to use a MILD. Still, that’s four dreams in a row (maby five) so I think I’m on the right track. btw, a friend told me that imagining yourself walking up and down stairs can help with a WILD. Is this true?

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I wonder if you don’t make any confusion. Having a DJ is not a lucid dream induction technique. It’s just of way of better recalling dreams.

If you think WILD is not for you, you can try DILD techniques ( MILD, autosuggestion, RC’s).

No problem. Most of my LD’s occur when I sleep on my stomache.

I think 3rd person dreams are no really a problem. You can still realize they are dreams. Yet it’s perhaps less interesting than 1rd person dreams.

Yes indeed, there is a WILD technique in which you imagine yourself walking down stairs (instead of counting or repeating a sentence for instance).

No, I knew that a DJ isn’t an LD technique, but I wanna make sure I remember my LDs :tongue: . Quick update, my dream recall has gotten a lot better. I even came close to an LD. In the middle of a ND my alarm went off. For a very few seconds I thought “Hey, this is a dream” wake up. Anyway, thats about it… I’d still appreciate any help from those who’ll offer it. Now, I’m off to bed.