Being in love in dreams

So last night i had this dream where i fell in love with a girl that does not exist in real life. And the feeling was mutual because she flirted back etc. Our interests were the same. (Probably my “perfect girl”). I was sadly not lucid.

Now my question, lets say i have this kind of dream again, and i do the WBTB technique with WILD and i return back into that dream. Will my feelings be the same? Will i still have the butterflies in my stomach or will i just “see” that girl but no real emotions since i’m now completely aware.

When i woke up i was really sad that i will never see her again and now i’m “down” for the entire day and sad and stuff. The feelings were very genuine.

It’s very hard to say. You have to understand that emotions in a dream are often times exaggerated to emphasize the dreams settings. Like all other parts of the dream, they are controlled by your SC. I have felt love in an LD, but it was when my wife was there, and even then I knew I was just reacting to the way the dream character looked and acted. Really, though, you’ll only know if you find her.

Now, while it doesn’t sound like this is an issue for you, please keep in mind that this dream character is a product of your mind (all philosophy aside). While she was “perfect,” that’s only because your mind designed her that way for that dream. On the bright side, since she is a product of your mind she can be recreated in a dream, just don’t confuse feelings of infatuation with a DC as love. In the end no DC is a replacement for a real person.

I don’t 100% agree. Imagine a master in LD’s. He can have any night a LD by will, so every night he “jumps” in another reality. So this guy has two lifetimes at the same time. What if he would create himself a life in his DW (dreamworld) and continue his DL (dream-life :tongue:) every night from where he left it, just like his RL ? So in his dream-life he may have a wife and children, while IRL he isn’t even married and vice-versa. So such a guy lives two lifetimes in the period of just one. So in his “second” life (DW), he could fall in love with anyone and feel real feelings for a girl he creates in his dream…

I’m just saying, two lifetimes at one time is truly possible :content:

Since its not real love why do i feel like **** all day today and missing her etc?

Maybe my brain took a real life person that i know and replaced that person with another DC and uses those feelings for that real life person for the DC?

I’m bad in remember how DC’s look in my dreams. But i’m sure it wasent a real life person because if i dream about someone in my real life i always know that when i wake up.

        Hi Lemon: Great to meet new people ! :smile: My name is DreamGirl19. :smile:  Well, this girl who does not exist in real life is propably  your "dream girl" In your mind. In someway, your mind created her to be your perfect girl, when there's noone in real life like that.   I can't say if you will have the same "butterflies" feeling,  (maybe you will) but.. she's your dream girl ! :smile:) If you see her again in your dreams, then get to know her! She will become more real if you believe she's real.

This happened to me once when I was around 8-11. I ‘‘fell in love’’ with a DC that looked much like Sakura from Sakura Card Captor, almost identica,l if not the same Sakura. I really liked that show so that could explain :tongue:

Anyways I remember being with her in my dream, and after some time I woke up. I was really frustrated and wanted to go back to my dream, so I tried, and I succeeded. We were in some sort of castle, in a balcony. And it was night time but I can’t remember much else, but time went by really slowly.

After I completely woke up, I was very happy because of that dream, but I really wanted to continue or pick up the dream in my next sleep, but that never happened again.

Anyways it was great! So don’t feel down man, be thankful for that dream, and who knows maybe you manage to pick up the dream again!


@ Don Anonymous:

Interesting, I never thought about that before! That would be the ultimate lucidity quest! :tongue:

Something similar happened to me last night, except that the person was actually someone from real life.

I think this person is a great person, but I did not really have feelings for her. then last night I had a dream where I fell in love with her, and even after I woke up I still felt some of those same feelings, just much weaker.

Ok, let me clarify what I was saying. What you felt could have been very real. After all, it was a character your mind created specifically for you to have those feelings. What you shouldn’t be feeling is remorse. After all, if she was in your dreams that means she is in your mind and could be recreated at any time. There’s no reason to mourn for someone who isn’t… no, can’t be lost.

You really might want to look into the CALD technique. You find a person in your mind (in this case, your girl) and work toward giving them an independent personality. The point is for them to help you become lucid, but it can be comforting as well to know you have a friend anywhere you go. It’s up to you to decide how real you think they are, but it’s at least a good start. I do a bad job of explaining it, check it out here

@Don Anonymus: Ok, I’ll concede on the fact that the emotions can be just as real in a dream as in RL. What worries me is the fact that this is negatively impacting his waking life. It’s fine to enjoy, even love your dreams, but you can’t allow feelings for a DC to hurt you. Moreover, while dreams are great you can’t expect to be able to live your life with a DC as your one true love. You still need someone real, and you can’t let a DC get in the way of that.

I’ll say it again, I don’t think the OP has that problem. I wanted to clarify this for any other new dreamers who might get themselves in trouble. To quote the disclaimer we give in CALD:

"Do not blur the differentiation between physical, and non-realities-- Characters are not physical, and never can be.

While it is fine to let characters become highly developed to a point of realism, their existence should never come to a point where it will disrupt yours."

Thank you all for your replies.

I did feel a little down because i had those warm fuzzy feelings when i woke up :tongue: but they passed while the day progressed.

I will use this dream as a motivation to get to the stage of lucid dreaming to meet her again.