Best technique for me?

I have been trying to lucid dream for a few months now and have no clue what the best technique for me is because none of them work. I have tried MILD, WBTB, WILD, even binural beats but nothing has worked. I’ve kept a dream journal a few times but it gets lost due to my sibilings :sad:

I have to get up at about 6:30 every morning and go to bed at around 10:30. (9:30 if i have no homework or other stuff to do)

What would the best technique for me be?

A few months is a short period of time. You usually need to spend at least that amount on each technique to see if it’s effective. Doing MILD in the middle of the night will work for most people. Have you read ‘Choosing your Technique’? link … it will guide you towards the most suitable one for you.

An online DJ can’t be lost. Either keep it on LD4all in the dj forum … or make a google doc visible only to you (are two methods that immediately come to mind.

Techniques are only useful if you already have a great confidence in your potential to become lucid in the first place.
You are probably doubting to some degree that you will get anything out of them, and in that case this will most certainly make it harder for you to make them work.

I don’t think you should think of it as “which technique will work the best”, instead you should ask yourself how you think you should do in order to spark that lucidity.
Lucidity is all about awareness, so how can you increase that?
First of all, by keeping a dream journal and practice your dream recall.
And secondly, to try being more aware in general in your waking life, developing a feel for what real life is like so you can more easily recognize a dream, or find common themes in your dreams so you can prepare more easily and learn to associate certain events with the dreamstate - there are lots of ways to practice your awareness, and several of those ways just happen to have names.

That said, WBTB + MILD is usually considered a great start for beginners (you can learn more about that in this wonderful lucid dreaming series by Tim Post)- but make sure you give it a try for at the very least a couple weeks, because even experienced lucid dreamers sometimes have “dryspells” when they can’t get lucid for weeks or even months, so patience is key when you are starting out with lucid dreaming.
But if you feel a great confidence and jolly excitement over whatever you want to experience in your future lucid dreams then you have come more than halfway.