BUBILD -- induction variation

I’m fleshing out the details of a lucid dream induction technique.

BUBILD – Butt Ugly Beard Induction of Lucid Dreams

I don’t want to take anything away from MILD, WILD, VILD, and HILD. They are all quite good and sound techniques. Unfortunately, BUBILD will only work for a few people. The prereqs will spell this out.

The dreamer must be able to grow a butt ugly beard. That would rule out most women, pre-pubescent boys, and men who can grow real beards. So, I think it rules out about 95% of the general population.

It helps to have experience with lucid dreams and have some methods for induction that have worked in the past.

The butt ugly beard must be a source of great irritation. The point is to use this as a spur to do what is necessary to have lucid dreams.

Grow a butt ugly beard until it becomes a source of great irritation. Maintain this state.

Maintain this state until one has had lucid dreams 3 consecutive mornings.

After 3 straight mornings of lucid dreams, get rid of the beard.

Perform RC’s whenever one notices the beard.

That’s all there is to it. In my case, the regular technique that I know works best for me is WBTB, combined with MILD. I’ve got the butt ugly beard set up to perfection now. It’s a source of huge irritation. I just need to get to work to get rid of this thing.

This seriously cannot be a serious technique, is it an early april fools?

I think I get the idea here and I have often wondered about it myself…change your physical appearance enough so that it might inspire a RC…??

I have a beard, but its not irritating… although I do kind of hate it. However, I never really notice it in my dreams… I guess its not irritating enough LOL. But seriously, I have wondered why I don’t recall having the beard in my dreams?! or do I?!

It’s only as serious as you want to take it. Everyone needs to find their own way to find motivation. Currently this beard is doing the trick for me. I will do everything I can to fullfill the requirement of having lucid dreams on 3 consecutive mornings so I can get rid of this thing.

That would work really well, however, my beard is about as thin as paper, i can’t be butt ugly :wink: and uh well i cant think of a third reason.

For anyone who cant grow a beard however, try something different, like grow your hair untill it gets in your eyes and annoys you, grow out your fingernails etc…

i have used methods like this many times before

:happy: Awesome idea! I could grow a beard in about 2 months, if I let myself.

But, I’m not going to.

…I second that.

At least the ladies can do something much more elegant. I would grow out my fingernails and become a Barbara Streisand. :razz: Just playing.

But seriously, why someone would grow their beard out and let it become unkept and disgusting to look at is beyond me. :bored:

Some people will do ANYTHING for a lucid dream. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just the facts.

Sometimes it helps to have that extra ounce of motivation. For me, the risk of becoming a social outcast because of my unruly appearance supplies that extra motivation.