CALD - I'm to stupid to find the right threads :(

Ive been reading up on CALD and it seems tremendously amazingly interesting.

Yet, I cant find my way between all those threads :sad:
There seem to be countless characters discussion forum
And ive already found 1 tutorial.

Yet I’m looking for a tutorial that explain a bit more.

  • The concept of creating the character
  • How to communicate
  • How to know youre not going mad

No worries :mattias:

Im dumb im sorry

Hello there!

I guess you’ve already read this tutorial: [CALD Tutorial)

This is the current CALD thread, and CyberD’s recently written guide up at that page might be just what you are looking for.
You can find other links in this post. (the link to the Character Chat is outdated, it is in the Playground)
If you still have questions, post them in the CALD thread and we’ll be glad to help you out. :content: