Can I lay as I want?

Is it necessary to sleep on my back? Naturally, for 17 years, or so, I have slept on my side. Am I still capable of achieving lucidity on my side?

You may sleep however you like. Find a position that’s comfortable and stick with that. For nearly all LD induction methods, the key lies with your mental state, not your physical one.

Really the only thing sleeping on your back helps with is using SP for the WILD technique. There are actually some studies which indicate the side leads to more vivid dreams (you may want to read tosxy/foxyChor’s DJ since he’s good at documenting his sleeping position).

To sum up what I found out, different sides give different kind of dreams, and require slightly different methods to get lucid. Nonetheless, I managed to get lucid in any conceivable position, so really, however you sleep is fine :content:

Is there any place where you sum it up more… in depth? :tongue: Or should I just browse your DJ?

It really is whatever is most comfortable to you. I personally do some meditation on my back before sleep, to help prepare for lucid dreaming, then sleep on my side and it seems to have worked so far!

Only been in the practice for a month or so, and up to 3 lucid dreams, all while sleeping on my side. :smile:

Whatever sleeping position you choose, it will not prevent you from having (Lucid) dreams. Hovewer if you are going to do some induction method like WILD, I suggest you lie on your back, as it will be easier to go through SP and HI.

Nah, my DJ is just a disorganized mess of words :lol: what a dream really was doesn’t transpire from a DJ entry. I’ll rather explain that here.

Specifically, I recognized each of the sides I sleep on (mostly divided in right-side, left-side and back, concerning the position of the head on the pillow) has quite the distinct feeling to its dreams, caused by the difference in subjects, how the plot unfolds, if there’s one at all :razz:, and the way I relate to DC, among lots of other things.

With this, most of the time I can recognize the position I dreamt a particular past dream in, just by remembering how it went, and I could invent new ones in the same fashion :tongue:
One trivial example could be, if I sleep hugging the pillow, my dreams will take more of a friendly/romantic side :lol:
I’ve also noticed, I gain lucidity by different means and/or different techniques in different sides, since I fall asleep at different rates, and I tend to think in different ways in dreams, depending on the position. But mark my words, there’s absolutely no compartments :wink: with a little bit more of effort, any tech can work anywhere.

I could go more in detail in this, but I guess it would be quite futile, since I would be entering the realm of subjective experiences. How dreams vary with the position, that’s probably something everyone has to see for themselves, especially since it takes no more than registering what position you did wake up in :smile:

Wow, that’s very interesting! :grin: Now I understand what you meant when you said you get lucid in different ways :smile: It’s because you think differently.

I usually sleep on my right side, but once I wanted to try if there’d be a difference if I fell asleep on my left side. My experiment failed though because I couldn’t fall asleep :lol:

When my DR improves I might start to write down my positions too :grin:

the first ld i ever had was one of the first times i remember falling asleep/waking up on my back (can’t be sure exactly which/both). i sort of convinced myself that lding came more naturally while i was asleep on my back. then i’d have one waking up on my side, so i guess that’s out the window. :tongue:

tosxy, i definitely am gonna have to try and keep track of whether i’m waking up on my back, side, etc. i think that is also gonna help me stay put when i wake up