Can LD's help fight habits?

I need to get rid of the habit of going late for sleep. I normally go at 23, but sometimes I go like 2 in the morning, and that kills my recall. It’s like in the evening I feel I have to accomplish something before going to sleep, though if I think for a minute, I should have accomplished something throughout the day.

Can LD’s help fight habits, or at least motivate that? (Fighting hobbits is another thing Aragorn)

Split off of “Character influence to LD” :tardis:

Yes, in two different senses. One, like your staying up late problem, the motivation to LD can help with some things like that. If you really want an LD and you know something is preventing you, it can be a great motivator to get it done.

The other way it can help is by trying to analyze the habit from within the dream. Think of it as a self-psychoanalyzation. You could ask to speak with the part of you that represents the habit and make peace with it or defeat it. You could also tell your unconscious mind from within the dream that you refuse to let the habit go on any longer. I don’t really have much experience with that, but I’ve heard of others using similar techniques to help conquer fears. I hope that helps ^^

I’m still not that powerful in dreams to create DC’s, but when I red this:
[url]I am a Lucid Dreamer: Commanding the Subconscious Mind]
I almost got rid of another nasty habit. Those big FAQ type topics are very interesting to read, but I get lost which one’s I already red. Gonna make another notebook to write things I learn about SC. (separate from DJ).
Going too early isn’t working either: last night almost no recall. I guess I just need to feel when the time is right, because WBTB technique malfunctions also.

Yes, I had the same habbit of going to bed (2:30am) late. Nowadays is roughly between 23:30 and 0:30, because LDing made me appreciate sleep more and going to bed earlier improved my recall a lot.