Can never seem to realize it's a dream!

Hey guys!
So I am a new lucid dreamer. I have only had one about 3 months ago when I fluked a MILD after a long days work (how lucky!).
So just this morning I tried WBTB. I got up, had a little read of the forum and then went back to bed attempting WILD, but also repeating a mantra just in case MILD worked again :tongue: . WILD didn’t work, I suppose I fell asleep.

My problem is that I have a very hard time realizing that I’m dreaming. I can never remember to reality check, even if the dream seems pretty silly. In my dream this morning, I was even talking to a DC about what a lucid dream is and how to acheive one, but I couldn’t remember to do a RC! So frustrating :eek: haha

I do a few physical reality checks throughout the day, and before I go to bed. I don’t keep a physical dream journal, but go over every dream I mentally the next morning. So what should I do to start realizing that I am actually dreaming more frequently? Do you think this is the best way for a novice LD’er to achieve them?

I appreciate any light you guys can shed on this :smile: I’m still new here, so sorry if this is in the wrong section :tongue:
Cheers guys, Andrew

Our logic sense is shut down during dreams, so even if crazy things happen, we don’t seem to realise that it is a dream. The key to getting lucid is questioning yourself if this is a dream (and doing a RC afterwards if it’s not obvious already). Now the question is, how to make yourself do such thing in a dream. There are a few methods:

  1. Doing reality checks frequently during the day, especially in situations which often occur in your dreams (dream signs). You should do a reality check whenever you think about it. From your post I can see, that you dream about lucid dreaming. Use that as a dream sign. Whenever you think about or do something related to LD, do a RC! It’s a good idea to do a RC whenever you wake up (to stop FA’s), when you go to school/work etc.

  2. Practicing a method called “All day awareness technique” or “Lucid Living”. Basically, you keep yourself conscious all day. You are aware of your surroundings, you are alert of any sign which would tell you that it is a dream. It’s quite hard to practice it, but with enough effort, it’s achieveable. I’m not the expert of this technique, but some people, who practice it could give you some nice tips on how to do it.

  3. Another method, which, if done correctly, will result in a DILD is MILD. I see you are practicing it already, and I must say it’s a very nice technique. When you go to sleep in the evening, repeat a mantra like “When I dream tonight, I will realise that I am dreaming”. Some beginners do a mistake by repeating those words over and over again without putting much meaning into them. The key of MILD is to really mean those words, to have a very strong intention, to believe yourself. It also helps to visualise yourself becoming lucid in a dream, imagining the realisation moment. MILD also works really good with WBTB.

Those are the basic techniques, which will help you to get more DILD’s.

However, to increase your chances, you should also practice the WILD branch of techniques. Whenever you have a chance, do WILD or DEILD (Chaining). WILD also works good if done after WBTB.

Do not give up, keep yourself motivated, put enough effort into it and you will achieve a LD. I wish you good luck! :smile:

Hy sparky42,

the MILD version of Stephen LaBerge suggest to have a daily “targets” on which you will do RC. I will put in the spoiler those targets, or better here’s the link of the article and read it…

[spoiler]Daily Targets

The next time I see a pet or animal
The next time I look at my face in a mirror
The next time I turn on a light
The next time I see a flower

The next time I write anything down
The next time I feel pain
The next time I hear someone say my name
The next time I drink something

The next time I see a traffic light
The next time I hear music
The next time I throw something in the garbage
The next time I hear laughter

The next time I turn on a television or radio
The next time I see a vegetable
The next time I see a red car
The next time I handle money

The next time I read something other than this list
The next time I check the time
The next time I notice myself daydreaming
The next time I hear the telephone ringing

The next time I open a door
The next time I see a bird
The next time I use the toilet after noon
The next time I see the stars

The next time I put a key in a lock
The next time I see an advertisement
The next time I eat anything after breakfast
The next time I see a bicycle[/spoiler]

EDIT: although you have those targets do RC when ever you remember or when you see something odd or strange!

Thanks for the great responses guys! Really thorough :wink:
I’ll take it all on board, and give it my best. One odd thing, I actually started writing a physical dream journal yesterday, 2 nights ago being my first entry. I got a solid half a page down, and felt pretty good about my RC. I read a lot of LD stuff yesterday, and felt like I’m going in the right direction. My second RC last night however was terrible though! Couldn’t believe it, only managed to squeeze out one measly paragraph! haha Funny how it works sometimes :tongue:

Thanks sparky42 for posting this! I’m in a VERY similar boat. Recently I’ve found myself noticing how out of the ordinary things are in my dreams but instead of taking control I slip into what I would call at “third person” state where I am outside of my dream body and from a distance I encourage my self…“Come ON! This is obviously a dream!” yet I watch myself standing there in a amazement of what’s happening.

The other night I managed to take a moment of accidental flight and control it…but I wasn’t able to gain full awareness. Feels like I’m making progress though!

One other side note is that I’m starting to notice incomplete environments. If I look around at the scenery I notice parts of it are missing. What’s up with that?!? My goal is to turn those moments into RCs…assuming I can remember to do so. This is becoming a regular thing.

I look forward to working on the suggestions in this post and I’m going to start reading through the Dream Control Training Course so we’ll see what happens.

It’s nice to know other people are having similar experiences. Thanks again for sharing :wink: