Can some one Tell me what is WBtB ??????

i searched in the FAQ and i didnt find any thing
What is wbtb ?

Dream Addict was so nice to make a special thread dedicated to acronyms including WBTB:
There you will find what you’re looking for.
(BTW if you move the cursor on the acronym you will already see what the acronym stands for -though without explanation. Just try it!)

This is a very good site about the Wake-Back To Bed Method (WBTB). … ethods.htm It also has information about lucid dreaming. :wink:

I just want to say that the specific WBTB technique that is encouraged by LD authorities, and the website that Conscious Dreamer pointed out, is not really the best method for me. I tired it exactly the way everyone said to do it (wake up after 6 hours of sleep, and stay awake for an hour, then go back to sleep), and after staying up for an hour, I could NEVER fall asleep again. I was fully awake and that was that. I could only lay in bed until it was time to go to school.

I just achieved my first LD a few days ago, and I accomplished it by just waking up for about 5 minutes. Just enough for me to become “awake” but still sleepy enough for me to fall asleep quickly.

I think that if you stay awake too long, it will take too long to fall sleep again, and then you lose the purpose of waking your brain up because in the time it takes to fall back asleep, your brain that you just spent an hour waking up, is now “unwinding” again. I think that using my variation, you fall aleep MUCH quicker, therefore causing you to enter REM sleep while your brain is still moderatly awake.

Or my theory is completely wrong, and you should not pay any attention to me.

Either one.

Beefmoney, I strongly agree with you. I have not tried the WBTB method, but whenever I wake up, I cannot get back to sleep, no matter how hard I try. So I also believe the best thing to do is stay awake untill you are really awake, but are able to get back to sleep right away.

May I give you a tip? I have tried that WBTB method and I have learned that if I go 1 hour or more awake, I will NOT be able to fall asleep for other one hour or so if I’m trying so hard to fall back asleep. So I decide to modify my method and now I only wake up 5 hours later and then stay up around 30 to 40 minutes to make sure my mind is awake enough then I go back to sleep. I find it to work very well.

Just modify the method if it’s not working for you very well. Use your guts feeling and ask yourself some questions like, “Why can’t I go back to sleep quickly? Should I change my time so I can fall asleep?..” You get my idea.

Hope I’m making senses here… just my 2 cents. :smile: