Can you "program" your subconscious in a LD?

Hey LD4all community,

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t had much going on in the way of attaining lucid dreams, but something crossed my mind as I was thinking about lucid dreams trying to fall asleep:

I’ve heard of people using lucid dreams to find out more about themselves, remember (or forget) past events, etc., but would it be possible to “program” your subconscious in a LD? In other words, or as an example, if, hypothetically, you’re in a LD, would it be possible to “command” your subconscious to make you LD every time you go to bed?

I know it sounds weird, maybe even too far-fetched to some, but with all of the amazing things people have done in LDs, I don’t think it’s completely out of question.

If I could think of a better example I would, but is anything like this possible?

that would be awesome
im gona try it

Yes it is possible.

Check this topic.

Maybe. Some people ask a dream character to make them lucid whenever they dream, or ask their "spirit guide’ in a dream to invoke lucidity. I’ve never tried it myself, because i always forget to when i’m there. I’ve heard mixed results about that technique. Worth a shot i would guess.

Doing something like this seems to me just like its a stronger form of MILD. If you’re not having success “programming” your subconscious when you’re awake, you probably aren’t gonna have much more success when you’re asleep.


Cool! Hope it works, let me know how it goes!


Oh… I completely forgot about that topic, I do remember reading it when I first started out. Thanks for replying!

@Human Man

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I’ve heard about Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming, I’ve never tried it either. I don’t think it’s the kind of technique for me at all.


Thank you for your reply as well!

Yeah, it is like MILD in a way, although I’d be able to do it instantly… Well, hopefully.

Yeah. I can’t do MILD because I can’t get myself to fall asleep repeating a mantra, and even doing it for a little bit and then stopping doesn’t work either. That’s another reason I thought about this.

When you’re doing MILD, you’re not supposed to fall asleep while doing the mantra. What works for me is clearing my mind and saying it for about 10 minutes, with meaning, if you know what I mean, and then falling asleep with a blank mind.

I will try that tonight!
But what if our subconsious doesn’t want us to have a lucid dream?


That’s exactly what I was thinking!

I think that’s true for my case. I’ve tried for months and attempted pretty much every technique. I don’t beat myself up over not becoming lucid; it’s not something I’m bothered by, but lately I’m starting to get the feeling it’s my subconscious that’s preventing me from LDing.

Why wouldn’t your SC want you to have a LD. Did you do something bad to it? :razz:
In any case, if you cant get an LD in the first place you wont be able to program your SC in one. But still, I don’t think its your SC preventing you from getting one. You won’t really be able to get a LD until your dream recall is excellent, so if it isnt, work on that, and if you can remember 2 dreams a night, what you should try doing is finding your REM stages so you know when to WILD and get an LD. You do this by going to sleep at the same time every night and setting your alarm clock to about 10 minute intervals each night, for example night 1 wake up at 5:30, try to LD, if it doesnt work the next night wake up at 5:40, then the next night at 5:50 until you can get an LD. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, I’ve figured out that one of my REM cycles starts at around 2:00 AM. I remember at least two dreams if I wake up at 2 and go back to bed.

Now the problem is that every time I try a technique, I end up getting distracted and, of course, fall asleep. I’ve tried it every night since the last few weeks of summer up till now when I’m in school…

Still no luck. The same thing happens every night.

This is pretty much happening to me, but luckily for me I wake up naturally before my alarm at about 4:00 am, and I am able to practice DEILD. No success last night, I checked the time on my phone before remembering to DEILD (and of course quickly went back to sleep thinking the attempt wasn’t ruined :roll: ). I suppose patience is key. :razz:

I like this idea of being able to program your subconscious. When I get a stable lucid dream, I’ll talk to some DC’s. I’ll see if they can remember anything about algebra before my exam :eek:

Something I have been wondering about ever sense reading this topic could you say while in an LD “Dream create me a watch that ((this is what i am hoping to do)) Lets me control the dream time to waking time ratio as in make 1 waking life second 7 hours of dreaming ((say you feel asleep in school? :woo: )) and when ever i’m in a ND the watch will start beeping and yelling [Your Dreaming become lucid!] untill i do so and this watch is on my wrist in every single dream i have unless i say otherwise.” just a thought but i think i’d be kool.

Actually, that’s an interesting idea. While many say you can’t control dream time, some say they have successfully controlled “dream time” by summoning a watch or clock of some sort. That’s a great idea! People say it’s been used successfully, so it’s at least possible.

No one can say to you what you can or can not do in a dream. It’s up to you. Those who say that you can’t that only means that they didn’t control time. And maybe controlling time for you would mean something completely different then to me or any other dreamer…

So basically you can “program” your subconscious as long as you believe in that, then it should work!

I don’t think that it is possible. Our mind isn’t a computer or something like that and you can’t ‘install’ there any ‘programs’ by ‘commanding’. Also I don’t think that dreams have any direct connections with subconscious and don’t believe Freudian subconscious at all. :tongue:
But actually I can’t prove that it’s impossible. Maybe the only way is to try it.

I belueve that the main difference from our WL and our drrams is that e
what happens in WL changes the world forever and for everyone. Every action has a reaction, but durimg our dreams, what happens may disappear forever leaving no trail of existance. I dont believe that you can set your mind to akways have such watch on a dream.
Butm if it is possible I suppose our best shot is waling around during WL with this so called watch, and it sgouldnt even show the correct time, and everytime someone asks you what time is it, you should answer time to become lucid! Then you must start believing the clock can control dream time, but you have to do this on WL, not duringdreams, so it will mark you deeper.

U do not need LD to program ur subconscious mind…U can even do it in your waking reality by going to alpha / theta states and speaking with the Subconscious as if the Subconscious mind is the other person…Its very effective…But you have to believe its possible…
And as far as Programming in LD is concerned, i can say it will be far more effective as u can communicate with subconscious mind directly…If u are advanced lucid dreamer u can also have a virtual hypnotherapist hypnotize you and make your desired changes…