can't fly outdoors?

hello everyone!
i’m finally beginning to get back to LDing, but i have a problem:
i just can’t fly when i’m outside. i have no problem when i’m inside, neither i have problems with other powers: i can kill someone by pointing at him and say “die!”, i can create an explosion by snipping my fingers, in my last LD i let appear a cactus(not very useful though)…
i tried two methods to fly:
1)jumping: i jumped very high but couldn’t fly
2)jump down from somewhere high like my balcon(one time it even hurted :bored:
are there other methods? am i the onlyone with this problem? why? :confused: :help:

Moved from Quest for Lucidity. :mattias:

Don’t let it discourage you, just keep practising and keep an open mindset. If you keep thinking, ‘I can’t fly when I’m outside’, then your attempts of flying will only backfire. Sometimes your mind likes to play with you haha :razz:

Try swimming, that’s what worked for me when I first started. Start jumping and then when you get high swim a little and then more and more and eventually you will start to get the hang of it.

Yea swimming pretty much worked for me last night :down: I had to do small arm circles to get started levetating (my flight is unfortunately rusty), I gotta work on that though :lol:. But bottom line its all in your head believe it without a doubt. Remember doubt is like a double edge sword that could make or break you in Lucid Dreaming

I personally like rocket boots but some people have a hard time imagining them.

If you need some more ideas, check out this thread.

trying breathing as much air as you can and just float away. :tongue: :cool: :cool: :cool:

thanks toeveryone, but lol tonight i could fly even if i didn-t readthe comments :tongue:
well i think i will try them next time i cant fly :happy:

How did you figure it out?

i jumped and i moved my arms like a bird
quite easy i think, don’t know why i didn’t do that earlier

try flapping your hands, it worked in all of my LDs , just do it like a bird, it actually took my a long time to be able to fly without using my arms

Today after a very long time I had a lucid dream. I flied successfully by imagining wind blowing under me and it made me float like a kite (I have flown like that in normal dreams as well. Strong wind seems to be one of my dreamthemes in the long run anyway), after which I just flew wherever I wanted to, using the air currents.