cant quite control like i used to x.x...

I had a lucid dream last night, and i tried to do some stuff… but sadly i couldnt control things like i used to >.>… i couldnt spawn things or control events… any suggestions? :cry:

I can only thinking of the fact that perhaps you’re out of pracice? If not then, we all have bad days and good days when it comes to LDing :smile: Next time, just try to relax, and really believe that you’re able to. Try not to worry about “Oh, last time I couldn’t do it… so this time…”

Negative predictions have horrible chances of coming true :wink:

Either what Tundra said or it was a false lucid dream.

Either what Tundra said or what Arabinator said. :grin:

Don’t worry too much, I’ve had amazing surprise LD’s in the middle of bad ones, so just keep trying.

Expect a good lucid dream to come, chances are if you do, then some really amazing ones will come to your surprise (And I’ve had MANY amazing ones - check out my dream journal). You really just have to believe that you have full control. If even the slightest doubt of control happens, you will lose control and sometimes have to fight to gain it back (I’ve had those sometimes, too).

The reason why is that dreams are literal or metaphorical manifests of our own thoughts (not just during the day, during your dreams as well). Just let your own mind surprise you with positive thoughts, not frustration.

If you catch yourself thinking “aw man, I can’t control…” then change it to “yes, I can control it! This is easy!” And it will become very easy to control it.

Excellent advice, LegendaryDreamer :smile: I forget sometimes how much the thoughts I have about my lucid dreams can shape them. The great thing about positive thinking while lucid is that you get to see the results instantly. I’ll remember to do this next time I catch myself getting frustrated.

It wasnt false, in fact, it was the most vivid dream i have had yet. I could do a few things, but the one thing i wanted to do the most didnt work x.x…

Anyways, I’ll try relaxing next time, and beleiving :3…

Strange thing is… i forgot to reality check. I kept telling myself “Wake up!” in the beggining because it was a bad dream i was coming out of, and i noticed i was saying that XD. So anyways, thanks for the advice!