Can't quite get flying right.

I’ve tried flying a couple times in previous dreams. When i try imagining i have wings on my back i can only hover a bit off the ground and go back down, and when i try imagining gravity doesnt exist and try to just imagine myself taking off into the air, I get off the ground successfully but shortly after i land in some random part of the dream realm. In either scenario i cant get myself in the air and stay there for as long as I want. How can i make it so the dream doesn’t dictate when i land so that i can fly when i want for as long as i want? And is it lack of practicing this or something else?

Don’t worry about it too much, a lot of people seem to have issues with flying when they first start lucid dreaming. I suppose our brains have a hard time comprehending that we’re able to just take off and go. It usually boils down to a little hint of doubt somewhere in the back of your mind that you might not even be aware of.

One thing that helped me at first was to have an actual destination in mind as I flew. And when I say destination, I mean something you can see. Look at the top of a house or some other thing and just… go to it. Don’t even think about it, just do it. Imagine yourself floating toward it and it will probably happen. After all, our dreams are our imaginations turned into another world, so anything you imagine will happen.

Another thing that will always help in dreams is using some kind of aid. Find a button and say out loud (and yes it’s very helpful to say out loud; it makes the affirmation a bit stronger to your SC) that pressing it will give you the ability to fly. Or you can do the same thing with a potion. Or with pixie dust. Or with a pair of anti-gravity boots. Find whatever works for you and use it.

Best of luck, and don’t get discouraged. If you need anything else just let us know :content:

Thanks a bunch Rhawin. :smile: Next time ill try this and see what happens. And considering i have so many nights to become lucid and try this i wont get too discouraged really. :tongue:

What works best for me is imagining that I have some kind of jet engines under my feet.
And when I fail to fly it’s probably a lack of self-confidence. Sometimes it’s also because I have difficulties to realize that physical laws don’t apply in dreams.
Try different methods and see what is best for you.

Excellent advice Rhawin.

Movement in dreams is the same as in waking reality. Say I’m awake and I want to move my hand. I concentrate very hard on moving my hand but I don’t move my hand because I 'm not moving my hand, I’m trying to make my hand move itself. This is a common approach to flying in dreams, and certainly what I did when I first tried. Now say I’m dreaming and I want to move my hand, I concentrate very hard and my hand moves. I can’t move my hand with precision because I’m too busy concentrating and staring at it in disbelief, thus I lose control of my hand.

Of course no matter what reality you’re in you never have trouble moving your hand because you always have done it thoughtlessly. You never tried to make your hand move, You Moved Your Hand! Flying is just like moving your hand it rises and falls when you raise and lower it, and when dreaming you fly into the air when you raise your body off the ground.

Understand the command you poses over your body when you write a letter or help an old lady cross the street, take that same thoughtless command system and use it to command your body to fly.


I find that very interesting Grayscale. All this time i thought i had to concentrate my imagination on flying. Next time I become lucid ill try implementing that way of commanding my body, just like i thoughtlessly make my dream body do things i want when i become lucid. :tongue:

This reminds me of Nike :content: Or was it Adidas ? :neutral:

Anyways, I wanted to turn myself into superman in one of my LD’s. I could have been successful if this dog wouldn’t have appeared and bit my leg so that I had to run away :tongue:.

You could do the same - when I’ll stop spinning and open my eyes I will have turned into superman :wink:

I had a DC help me learn how to fly. It helped me because it showed my subconcious the physics of the world. It made it a lot easier for me.

Rhawin, I love your advice! Words of wisdom right there.

I do beleive we had a big flying topic somewhere-
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What I would recommend personally is to reassure yourself that its a dream and anything is possible, then try the easiest form of flying; air swimming. The first time I tried flying I reassured myself then imagined the air becoming really viscous and it worked. ITs really fun when you get it.

I was able to fly in my dreams when I was a kid but as I got older the flying ceased I guess when you are young the imagination scope has no limits but as you get older the society and culture and media curbs your imagination and doubt creeps in . Just my opnion :smile:

haha, in my false LD where i thought i was lucid the whole time and wanted to try flying, a DC wanted to try to help me possibly, but i just ignored her, went and started jumping off buildings, i soared for a little. too bad it was fake LD