Can't see anything in lucid dreams..

I’ve been here for a little while, and managed to have a few lucid dreams. However, when I become lucid my dreams become less vivid than before. If I have a normal dream, I am able to recall the dream and remember it as being very vivid. I am able to see everything in the world around me. This is not the case when I become lucid. After I become lucid (usually through a nose reality check), I cannot see anything. I can still “feel” myself holding my nose, so I know I am still dreaming. It is almost as though I am in a vast nothingness. From this nothingness I am unable to materialize a dream world around me. Am I hoping for too much with lucid dreaming, or is this possible? Any suggestions to make my lucid dreams more vivid or to create the world around me is appreciated. Thanks.

Wait, so when you become lucid everything just fades to black, but you can still feel yourself within a dream? Do you wake up shortly afterwards or do you just stay there for awhile? I am still pretty new to this myself, but I find from personal experience that whenever my LDs fade to black I can’t really enter back into the dream or anything. They usually end from my sight just going to complete darkness and I can’t feel my body or anything. I just sort of exist for a few seconds in complete silence except for my thoughts until I slowly start to hear the real world and feel my real body and then I’m awake. If you can still feel your dream body then maybe you could try spinning while visualizing a dream scene.

If you are just in an unstable dream environment then you can try yelling something along the lines of, “Increase vividness now!” It’s worked for me in the past. You are not going to yell it out in real life, so don’t worry about that! :tongue:

It happened to me once. Very strange experience. In fact, all my LD begin in the darkness, and I always have to make the sun rise by myself (just call me Rah).

Well what basically happens is this. I do a nose reality check, and it fails. It is at this point that I realize I am dreaming. I then try to imagine the world around me, but everything fades to black. At this point, I am still dreaming as I feel myself holding my nose in the dream (I haven’t let go in the dream yet). I can stay in this state for what feels like a few minutes (probably like 2-3) and then I wake up. Basically, I am lucid - but I have no control over the dream whatsoever. Instead of forming the world around me, I am basically in a vast nothingness and only feel myself holding my nose. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks to al[/i]l who have answered thus far.

I don’t believe your dreamworld actually disappears, but it’s covered in the dark. I also have had this kind of experiences and here is my method which may or may not work with you.
After you realise you are dreaming and the world starts to fade out, close your eyes. Wait until you feel that everything is gone and you’re the only one left. Then slowly rise your hand (the one that you do the most activities with) in the same line as your chest like yu would be holding something. Then you need to STRONGLY believe that you can do a sparkle. Imagine that all your energy is getting on your hand. When you’ll have enough energy, it will start to flash like crackers. Don’t release it, soon it will get smaller and smaller, like a small ball (a nuclear ball). Remember to continue feeling that you are putting all your energy in it. When it gets to the size of an egg, release it fast. It will go up like a comet and then will blow up: this will be the new sun. It will never let your dreamworld fade away in the dark anymore (at least for me still works after 3 years). It is something like Herisson said but if you make it like this the sun would be permanent, and don’t need to repeat the procedure every night.
This was my method, maybe it won’t work on you. The point is that you don’t have to reconstruct the world around you because it will never work, as the dreamworld never disappears, but to find a way to reveal it.

Nice tip, very natural. No need to force your mind to do the job everytime. I’ll try next time :smile: thanks!

Once you lucid in your dream give the affirmations to yourself like i can see more vivid this dream looking more and more vivid i can see anything or whatever you like
Okay you next problem is i think it happend to me many times i think you try to see with your physically eyes not dream eyes watch behind your eye where the hypnogogia imagery starts that is your mind eye or you can close your eyes with your hands and affirmations helps also

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Just teasing, but I think this might be the biggest necro post I’ve seen on any forum! :rofl:

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It might be that you have unblurry dreams,and i just helped someone with it,try reading this