Cant seem to focuse (WILD)

Well everytime i try to get a WILD i always end up either accidently opening my eyes or if i try to focuse on the lights on my eyelids i always end up thinking about something else after a few seconds and loosing the lights :meh:
I also tried WBTB but it didnt change anything :confused:
Any Help would be greatly appreciated :happy:

First, I’d say go read the Lucid Dreaming Wall article by Rhewin. Then ask yourself: Do I really want to use WILD? I may be wrong, but it looks like you’re new (which isn’t to knock being new, brand new here) and at first I thought I wanted to WILD my days away as well… But then I realized that my dream recall was crap, so it wouldn’t matter even if I could WILD, so I’ve started working on that instead. You can’t just jump straight to WILD (unfortunately). There are steps you need to take before you get there; lucid dreaming can take a rather heavy amount of work, just like learning to play a sport or ride a bike. Sorry if none of this applies to you or I sound preachy, I was just in your shoes a little while ago (read: A week ago) and didn’t want you to fritter away a few months of your time trying to WILD if you weren’t ready for it.
Make sure you’re ready for WILD before you spend lots of time trying it.

Staying too aware can also quite ruin your WILDs, and they do ruin them. You can’t keep your mind too awake, or you’ll lose it. As Zuratul said, it’s not recommended to start with WILD. It’s a difficult technique, and it’s best if you’re pretty familiar with LDs first. You don’t need WILD to be successful with LDs. Also, bedtime is a bad time to try it. It’s possible then, but it’s even more difficult than usual. WBTB is usually the best time to try it.

But again, it’s usually a better idea to experiment with what works for you rather than focusing wholly on WILD.

Just as others said, trying to do WILD while being novice at lucid dreaming is like trying to get on the top of Mt. Everest without having knowledge about mountain climbing.
I would suggest you do easier techniques like MILD + WBTB. They are a lot easier to accomplish than WILD.

On the other hand, if you are determined to do WILD (which I would greatly suggest not to do at your level), make sure you do it during REM sleep cycle, so you can immedeately jump into a dream. The perfect time for WILD’ing is after 4-6 hours of sleep. You may also do WBTB if you are having hard time focusing your consciousness.
Then, simply do the proccess as explained in most tutorials. Do not concentrate too much, or you won’t fall asleep. Don’t lose your consciousness either. Maintaining this balance is probably one of the hardest parts of WILD. You have to move your thoughs away from WL, to the dream world. Try to forget your IRL body and concentrate on your dream body.

Hope this helps.

Ok guys thanks i think i know what my problem is, i seem to get the symptoms of WILD but everytime i get them i try to force myself into a LD so i wake up >.<
Ill try WBTB again and also to not force myself to get a LD :smile:
And if that doesnt work ill try RCILD :content:

I prefer doing WILD without any special focus on sensations. All focus I put in staying aware[not falling asleep] and when I start to feel that I’m on the peek of the SP then I let myself to fall asleep.

All HH I just observe or don’t observe them…

Also don’t do WILD when you feel tired, because you won’t be able to stay awake and you will just torture yourself! :tongue:

ok thanks :happy: but for the last part, for me its rather the opposite when i try to do WILD and im really tired i cant seem to fall asleep and i dont really get tired idk why lol :content:

Personally for me, when I WILD I don’t focus on anything particular, just the thought in my head that I need to reach the transition state, so I actually ‘fall asleep’, sort of. As long as I have even a drop of awareness, the vibrations will immediately make me aware and I’ll go through the dream in a few seconds.

When I was little, I experienced SP for the first time. I was so scared of it that I would become aware every time my body vibrates and the transition started in my sleep and I’d always break out of it as I didn’t know what it was. I did this everyday for about 5 months so I could’ve LD everyday that time :slight_smile:

I’m just putting this out there, it might help you :happy:

thanks :happy: yeah i had SP often as a child too, especially when waking up from nightmares >.< was pretty terrible experience back then for me :content:

Hey man, if your signature is current, I’m guessing you still have yet to have a lucid dream. I highly recommend you start with MILD. I can induce a MILD at will any time I want, it seems, but still can not ever get lucky enough to get a WILD. I’d say about 1% or 2% of all of my lucid dreams I’ve ever had were WILDs.

If you really want lucid dreams, start with the MILD technique until you become proficient enough you can induce them at will, then start tampering with the WILD technique.

I’m just trying to give you an honest peace of advice. :cheesy: Good luck.

yes my sig is still correct :meh: and thanks mate i will try MILD, but i need to read some guides about it first :happy:

My pleasure, man. I have a guide that I personally wrote on how to use the MILD technique. It covers a mantra you need to repeat to yourself, while simultaneously visualizing you are back in your most recent dream and you realize it’s a dream, via reality check.

Here it is: Darxide’s Lucid Dreaming How To

It also focuses on a technique called Prospective Memory Training which will condition your ability to remember to perform tasks in the future (like reality checks) and it also focuses on how to develop the best dream recall possible.

I hope it helps. :smile:

Yes MILD is great technique to master, if not as prime technique then can always work as backup technique. I use it that way and it works great. Heck, if you want you can even combine MILD with WILD on some level…

ok thanks guys ill work on MILD now :content: and great guide darxide :happy:

Since you go to sleep every night (at least I suppose so :razz:), it’s really easy & nice to do MILD every time you go to sleep. It really increases your chances and concentrates your mind on lucid dreaming.
Also, if you’re more determined, you can do MILD in the early morning, when you would do WILD.
MILD is just as effective as WILD if done correctly, and from my experience, it’s a LOT easier to do MILD correctly, than to do WILD correctly :smile:.

ok thanks :content: also yesterday i kinda woke up in the morning but didnt open my eyes so i got right back to dreaming but for some reason i wasnt awake enough yet to realize i was dreaming so i forgot that i was dreaming and didnt get lucid lol >.<
and 5 minutes later i woke up again but then i was too awake to sleep again ughhh :grrr: