Castaneda's technique : looking at your hands

No…ok…you sit up in your bed and [i sit indian style] and you put your hands on your lap. Move your head so that it is parallel with your hands and look at them. Say in your head “Tonight when I’m dreaming, I will see my hands and realize i am dreaming” Keep saying that while looking at your hands until 5-10 minutes has passed. Then, quietly lay down and get in your sleeping position, and repeat that phrase again in your head until you fall asleep. If you cant fall asleep from saying something in your head, then stop after a while. hope that helped!

Ahhhhh, that makes a lot more sense. I’ll try that tonight, though it usually takes me a long time to get to sleep at night.

Thanks a lot

Tonight it almost killed my sleep :neutral:

In the first 3 hours i think i saw a lot of hands in my dreams, but i recalled it only after i woke up. Then the thought that i’m missing to recognize my hands in dream took away my sleep for some time. So i needed to calm down my brain and focus on getting some sleep instead of searching for hands. In morning i tried the autosuggestion again, but unfortunately no hands in my dream during that time.

Well, i think i will relax a bit, and dont disturb my mind in first half of a night. I will do more autosuggestion as the morning comes closer, so if i fail to have LD i can at least have relaxing sleep :tongue:

Definely gonna try this out tonight, I’m not only on an LD drought but a dream recall drought. I do remember them, but the pressures of school, work etc and I’ve forgotten them in a few minutes. :sad:

I have came close to lucidity yesterday, when I seen my breakfast in an FA and it was wrong. I was about to say “I am dreaming” but then I woke up for real.

But I’ll try this out. Cheers, mate.

That’s good ! It means you are close. Don’t need to worry about that. I had the same problem when I tried this method first. I remembered that I saw my hands in dreams, and I was upset ! :grrr:

Bendrummin58’s gives you his technique. But please read the excerpt above again :

Bendrumming58 technique works very well… for him ! In my opinion, I find it rather complex. :grin:
For instance, what I did was just looking for few seconds at my hands before sleeping. I imagined it was a dream and I saw my hands. I thought very strongly : “This night, I’ll find my hands in my dreams”.
OK ! I had a result a month later, Bendrummin58 the first night he tried. :wink:

thats not MY tech…i just found that on a website from which you got the convos from. the dreamexchange website.

You’re right. It’s Robert Waggoner’s version of the Castaneda technique. I overlooked that, cause I didn’t search all the site, indeed. :shy:
He “recommends it for beginners due to its simplicity and high probability of success”.

Link to the page :

well, I never found hands in my dreams, but I tried to use them as a focus and way to change dreams…

well…i havn’t had a LD from this lately…so im going to add on to this method. im going to do WILD along with this method. if WILD doesnt work, then hopefully the hand part will kick in. And…if i do a wild and am in a LD…then doze in to a normal dream…then hopefully the hand method will come back to save me :razz: hopefully ill get more!

This sounds like a great technique, but I think in my position I am just going to follow what the original excerpt said. Just going to look for my hands in my dreams. THe way I see it, the “and realize I am dreaming part” seems to be implied. Guess my mind just has an easier time of handling just finding my hands.