Cell Alarm.

Hello all. After discovering that my cell can hold up to 5 alarms, I decided to give this technique a try. I’m sure most of you with the newer cell phone models can hold multiple alarms, and name them, so when you look at the front screen it says whatever you named it (I set mine to say reality check, of course). I set mine for certain periods throughout the day, the first at 12 and the last at 8:50. My ringtone is “clocks” by coldplay, so whenever I hear it I look at a clock twice, and do the 2 nose RC’s (holding it and trying to breathe and then the one where i cover one eye). So I was wondering, does anyone have good experience with this? Also, do I need to set it for 4:00 am for it to work? becuase it wont stop until I deactivate it. Will I remember this as a daily thing and after a week or so have it in one of my dreams?


What do you mean by that?

Yeah I think that would be handy, using your phone as a reminder to do an RC, and having your ringtone “Clocks” (even though I’ve never heard of this song) gives more incentive to look at the clock in a dream, and thinking of the title might spawn a clock so you can do the RC!

I meant:

some people have said, putting your alarm on while you sleep is effective; you might hear it and put it into your dream somehow.

Oh, okay.

Yeah, I did something like that with my (digital) watch one time. Overall, it wasn’t to effective for me. I say stick with a NovaDreamer or similar. Wait, let me see something…
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