Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming...CALD part VII

@Mattias: How goes it, Mattias? Did you give any further attention to your character since we last spoke? How is she doing?

@Ninja: Something like a VILD then? I like the way you explained it.

@Elonge: Nah, you’re not crazy, well, not at least unless we all are. :wink: Like Ninja said, you’ve made a character without realizing it; all you have left to do is to either associate a face with it or allow it to choose what it wants to look like.

@Terra: You’re awesome for doing that project. Thanks so much. I would recommend MegaUpload or Hotfile to start out with. Dedicated hosting would be better, but they are my favorite free hosts. HF will host for 90 days before deleting it if no one downloads, and MU will do the same if you’re a free user. Also, 4Shared will host it unlimitedly as long as you log in once every 30 days or so.

Your experience seems very interesting. It reminds me of when Crystal ended up having to relive her life because her sister caused them to both be killed, and I had to be there for the first 18 years of her life, even if I did just randomly pop in and out of various points in her life intermittently. Were you actually ‘there’ for that period of time?

@Everyone: Wow, this thread is so active lately. You guys make me happy with how you’re all so talkative. I’m sure Talon would be excited were she here.

not really… :sad: As I expected I just kinda forgot about her and let it go… oh well, as I thought when I created her, now she’s created so who knows, she might ust surprise me and pop up in a dream :wink: (that would be awesome)

And yeah, Talon will have pages and pages to read through :tongue:

tsi’leik: Wonderful ninja. Way to go.

Yes i know, thank you for your truly motivating remarks.
I just found out I recreated the wheel. Im stunned. After looking up VILD, I realized that I made a technique more or less exactly like pedro’s VILD, just integrating my MC into it. What a fail. Im ashamed.

@Matt: I’m sure she’ll show back up at the right time. Crystal doesn’t grace my dreams terribly often, but she always pops in IRL when I need her, even if I don’t realize it at the time.

@Ninja: Don’t worry about it. The fact that you’re creating things like this (reinventing the wheel or not) means you’re already a step ahead of a lot of people. Keep up finding and doing what works for you, and keep sharing it with the rest of us as well. :wink:

Wow, much too long since I’ve posted on here. Glad to see we have some new people interested again, and we’re well on our way to part VIII :tongue:. I like the idea of that VILD/CALD cross. I’ve used both techniques but never really put two and two together. Well though :content:.

So my most recent experience with The Doctor was a bit of a laugh. In one of my last LD’s I went into the TARDIS fully expecting another big adventure. When I got in, he had some things rearranged and he was having dinner with some random DC’s I had never met before. When I asked if he was ready to go he said he’d be a minute because he had some company over :tongue: .

So tell me, how do your MC’s interact with random DC’s across your dreamscape. Do they get all buddy-buddy when you’re not looking, are they anti-social or do they simply prefer the company of sentient life?

Ah well. At least that knocks the uncertainty if it will even work factor out of the equation. The least i can do now is tell how to do a VILD/CALD technique. You and your MC are supposed to do the VILD technique together. If you decide to go with pedro’s origional example, (which can be found here: ww.The BIG VILD Topic - Part I) then the friends should instead be your MCs. Both you and your MC must be 100% ready and willing to put effort into this. Plus, if you can make a high quality vivid visualazation of the dream to be incubated a few times before even starting the technique, it will work better and be easier to visualize with greater detail when actually doing the technique.

Oh, and by the way, where is Talon?

What!? I remember splitting this topic, feels like yesterday! :nuu:

Anyway, I ended up chatting quickly with my MC last night. Nothing special, but one thing she did and I felt was really “By herself” was call me Ara (my character on Lord of the Rings Online is called Arafast and people call me ara. playing too much, I guess ._. ) Besides that I didn’t give her anything really :sad: She has no life or no history (at the moment, at least…) She says she just hangs around and watches. I guess she just watches what happens during my daytime (and night time) and she sometimes does some research in the depths of my mind :tongue: (haven’t gotten any actual information though…)

Yesterday, before sleeping my character told me, that whenever I see Sonic the hedgedog or Zelda (Link, I know…) I know that I am dreaming. :happy: Also he ensured me, they will come. I hope this will become perfect RC

Hey, what better than an MC to tell you your dreamsign?

does anyone have tips for a MC to increase dream recall? my recall is so bad i cant even attempt the LDing techniques.

The Doctor has helped me once or twice with recall. There have been times when I’ve woken up and couldn’t remember a dream. On these occasions I struck up a conversation and asked him to help me remember. We would both go over details about what I could remember, and he would try to help fill in the blanks. It gave me quite a few details I had otherwise forgotten.

Thanks for your advice. after I posted my question, I stayed up a bit longer and then went to sleep. I think Tsi’leik got insulted that I thought he wasnt doing a good job at helping me LD (which i didnt, he simply misinterpreted my post) and without me knowing it, made me recall one whole dream, instead of my usuall 0. He will neither confess nor deny the fact.

cmon, lets keep this topic alive!

Much to my sorrow, tsi’leik has appointed himself as my part time concience (I’m reading The Prince, and yet I cant spell to save my life), on top of his somewhat agitating comments (im just kidding Tsi’leik). Oh dear G-d, please make it end soon :smile: .

Why do I keep forgetting about this hypnosis file? :confused:
I can’t test the file at the moment, I have lost the lead to my MP3 so I cannot transfer the file over, and play it while I’m asleep.

Breaks from school are a good thing for me. I have dreams about school.
Because of that, I can reality check whenever I’m at school, or hear the mention of the word. I’m currently training myself to do it efficiently, and when it works I will be able to lucid dream effectively, and will have a character-based LD.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but mornings are the best times for LDs. I once went through 4-5 LDs in one morning, by dream chaining (I don’t remember SP at any point). That is one thing that does sound truly awesome - VILDing the second you wake up, and then hopping straight back into your dream.
I should try this with CALD; but unfortunately I feel as if I have to train myself to not move when I wake up, because if I move then that ruins the whole idea (I’m too awake).
If I recall, I once hopped straight back into a dream his way (accidently). I wasn’t aware of it at the time. I don’t remember it in detail, but for some reason I know it happened.

Still trying to mentally build my futuristic cityscape. It’s taking a while, but I feel that I’ll get there soon.

Thanks. I’ll have to give it a shot tonight. Also, your later posts about visualisation and “planting the seed” were very helpful, it made me understand VILD/CALD a little bit more.
Thanks again.

im kind of trying the same thing i havent had an LD yet but everytime im doing WILD i think about characters or things ive seen on TV to distract myself form feeling the SP its quite an amazing thing just thinking about having those characters with me when i finally do have an LD anyway good luck to you on your LD quest

Thanks. I’m glad I could help. By the way, where is Talon?

I don’t know, Talon’s been away for quite some time now.
This may turn out to be a very long post about progress.

In terms of creating the futuristic city, I’m able to create the indoor environments fairly easily. When I’m currently trying to make the outdoor environments such as the motorway or the cityscape, it becomes a really hard job because when I try to visualise the city, it turns out much worse than expected and is barely detailed. It’s also alot more difficult because I don’t really know exactly what a city in the future looks like; I’ve only seen cities in movies and from images. The hardest part is designing the path between the buildings, because the path will look lifeless between two really huge buildings. One day, I will be able to just visualise it, and it’ll be there.

I haven’t met up with my characters yet. Currently I’m working for Eden’s (the futuristic city-in-progress) Security Regiment, to make sure everything is in order. Since I’m in a world with epic technology and warfare, the “city-in-progress” is quite peaceful. I’ve ran into a group of rebels whilst guarding the Dream Park (a place for tourists, it’s like a huge amusement park), and they’ve been causing mischief. One of the rebels transformed into a minotaur-like creature, and he challenged me to a battle. I won, but the ‘minotaur’ came back later where he picked a fight on a lower PSR officer (I was put in the Higher Class because I’ve had experience in the past)
I ran to the crowd (there was a crowd of about 300 people around the fight) and the two were constantly fighting each other. I went to break up the fight, but a tall man bounced into the ‘ring’, and killed the officer, and injured the ‘minotaur’. He had a dark mask on; he looked alot like a Dragoon Knight (the ones with spears). He stared at me bluntly, and then jumped off 10 seconds later.

The following day I was promoted to the Elite PSR Officer. There are only 10 of them patrolling the city, so I understood that the man who assigned the job to me trusted me. My job was to patrol Eden’s main shopping area - Elemental Quay.
The shopping centre was huge - it had neon lights (this part was easier to visualise, as I could use the ‘template’ from my local shopping centre) and it was busy. I was patrolling the city for 15 minutes, when suddenly a gunman that was wearing dark body armour ran into the centre, and spun his guns into automatic. His guns never seemed to run out of ammo. Everyone began to run, and I made a public announcement for everyone to evacuate to the Fire Gate (the emergency exit in case of emergency). I also asked for a few hundred PSR troops.

More gunmen jumped through the glass roof, using ropes that was attached to a helicopter. The leader was the ‘minotaur,’ and he wanted to gain control of the shopping centre for some reason. Suddenly, we (me and the lower rank troops) heard a huge stomping sound come from the distance. It was a huge dragon that was chasing us down. It devoured a few innocent people on its way. It was coming for us, and we found out it was the minotaur’s pet (even though he is in human form, I’ll refer to him as the minotaur).

We ran to the entrance, telling spare individuals to escape. At the entrance there were about 30 Hyperspeed Tubes - 15 of them lead into the shopping centre, 15 lead out. This meant only 15 of us could escape at a time.
There was a rush for us to enter the vehicles, which lead us into the tubes. We wanted to escape to the outskirts of the city for the time being, but the tubes re-directed us into a service next to the motorway - meaning lots of havoc.

That’s as far as I’ve got. It would be a lot more fun if the city was in full detail, but netherless it is fun and exciting. My mind comes up with really random scenarios, but they’re extremely action-packed and interesting. Tonight I’m going to concentrate on ‘building’ the city in my mind.

I wish I knew. She’s been gone since July 7.

I’m about halfway into building my city.
I’m starting to find some of the detail, and how the city is layed out, thanks to Ninja’s technique.

I’ve given building Eden a rest at the moment, because it’s huge. At the moment, I’m building a city that has slums, but if you can get to the main motorway you can enter the main futuristic city. The town is called Erehwon (Nowhere backwards), mainly because people get nowhere beyond the slums, as it is very hard to get into the main city.

I got to Erewhon by escaping the dragon by driving at 150mph down the motorway, with a few of the Higher Rank PSR. We don’t know if the dragon has gone, but all we know is that the Elite PSR (the other ones except me) stopped the dragon taking out Eden. Because I wanted to stay away from the city due to repairs, me and some other soldiers took a hyperspeed tube across the River Erehwon, which lead to the town of Erehwon.

We found out no-one gets into the city now. It’s the year of 2420, and no-one has ever enterd the city since 2350. The city has a magical barrier (so it’s impossible to climb up onto the motorway), and is surrounded on a island around a huge moat. The locals wanted to try to help us get into the city, but they’ve tried before and have had no success.
The three other PSR soldiers with me are some new characters I will make up for the time being, until I find my other characters.
I’ve started work on one. His name is Hyperion, and he has brown hair. He’s around a similar age to me.

I feel that CALD mantras are slowly (but surely) working for me. When I try, I can sense every night that I’m closer to a LD. I will continue tonight.

Wow, that’s all so detailed. My worlds are always simplistic so that I don’t forget and end up changing something without realizing it.