Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming...CALD part VIII

Hm, so it seems like the problem almost solved itself. Yes, I did asked her before, but after reading your post I asked again and with a little help of Iron we figured out that (briefly) she missed my lack of interest, so to speak, of her, and not only regarding her as a MC, but also her life. That’s really true, I focused a lot on the background of my other characters. My approach: Trying to talk to her more often, daydream again about her life and…Choosing her for CALD!

A while back I promised myself that someday, I am going to read all of the CALD parts and I began with this during the last week. I always thought that CALD was…I don’t know, pretty ineffective? To easy to work? Not officially proven, like MILD or WILD and therefore not worth a try? Well, my point of view dramatically changed after I read through the first 3 parts. Whoa, the success people actually had with this really made me stunned! One of the old CALD’ers even claimed to have almost daily LD’s with the help of his character!

So in short: I’m using CALD right now. :happy: I decided to choose Gan and Neila at the same time, because I thought they would work great together, Gan being optimistic and Neila being reliable (not to mention that it’s good for my relationship with Neila if she’s my CALD character). So far (trying since four days), no LD (I’m in a dry spell since, um, 40 days?) , but a massive increase in DR, two dreams including my characters which is usually pretty rare, and two lucid moments. :woo: And I’m very eager to have a CALD in no time. :yay:

My first double post on this forum I think… So, since I left LD4all for three weeks or so, my MCs slowly faded out of existence. At first there were still some comments thrown in by mostly Gan and Iron, but then they just disappeared. I’ve tried to bring them back once, but that didn’t work a bit. But now that I have time again, I tried to talk to them today and there they were, all together. :grin: I have to say that I really missed talking to them and even though they haven’t earned me a CALD yet, a little conversation about dreaming before actually falling asleep always helped me with my DR. Right now Gan is mad at me because I “let them die and thought I could just call them whenever I feel like it”. I hope though that things will be as they were before (geez, I should prepare myself for a heated debate this night :shy: ).

Maybe I should also mention that I managed two and a half week ago to meet my MCs in a LD! :grin: Thanks to a very nice DC my self-confidence multiplied about x100 in the dream and that helped me to meet my MCs. The catch is though that I met them in a human form (which is my fault because I pictured them as humans before), Sheela was not with them and the part of the dream in which they were wasn’t that long. But I’m still very happy with it! :smile:

Now I need to talk to them more and then bring the Character Chat back to life. :tongue: Hope everyone is still alive…?

Congratulations on meeting your characters again. An MC, at least in my experience, is usually very forgiving, but there is a line beyond which they will stop putting up with you. I think this is based partially off where their patience is and how upset with yourself you are about forgetting about them. I experienced this with my character, Crystal, recently. She started being really willing to talk with me and help me, and I kept forgetting about her, so she finally got upset with me and told me not to talk to her again until I had time for her. I think things will settle down and return to normal for you, though.

[/i]Sorry for not posting A LOT earlier, but my invisibility cloak was stuck on lurk mode. What? Laziness? No, no, that’s silly. When have I ever been lazy? Well, I’m here now (meaning: if I don’t get laz-- cough don’t get kidnapped by an evil robot, I should be here awhile. Audience groans) But first a spoiler from our sponsor (you won’t miss anything by skipping over it):

[spoiler]Yeah, sorry about breaking the rules in the other post. That wasn’t the finest example of my supercomputer-like intelligence. Actually, that last post wasn’t that great in general. I probably had a point, but I think I kind of forgot about it by the time I finished posting, because I was probably pretty sleepy if I posted something like that. Messing up is just a natural talent of mine. Actually, wait. The aliens brainwashed me. Yes, that is the real explanation. Well, don’t want this to drag on forever. Bottom line is, perhaps I ought to edit that so that it’s actually, eh, you know, not dumb?[/spoiler] And now on with the show!

Recently, I read through the entire CALD thread. I learned there was once a time when posts on this thread were frequent. There were lots of posts to read, and peace reigned. (Also, Talon, I learned that I wasn’t giving you nearly enough credit. Sorry. . . .) (Actually, I need to give quite a lot of the people who were here before me more credit!)(Credit sound effect) Anywho, I thought it would be sort of neat if there was a more constant stream of posts here. I then decided, why not start with me posting here more? (Hopefully without as many dumb questions or copyrighted links). After giving a dramatic speech that changed the lives of millions, I decided to type up a status report.

[center]* * *
A Status Report

    • *[/center]

clears throat So yeah, this here’s a status report. You want to here about my characters, right? Audience groan and shake their heads What? Have you seen this one before? Er, let’s just dive in here, shall we?

Scout: She hasn’t been around as much as before. Actually, she’s spent a lot of time exploring my mindscape (which is apparently a rather wacky place, seeing as how there’s not much realism, with floating ? blocks are all over the place and the like). Actually, once she came back with gold (or rather, dead-grass colored, but gold sounds nicer :tongue: ) angel wings on her back. Not like I randomly said “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if Scout had angel wings” but rather, when she came back from her trip, my mental image of her just changed. Actually, there’s kind of a weird story to go with it, but I’m kind of trying to keep this brief, so I won’t post it now. Beside, although weird, the story’s actually not that interesting.

The Unnamed LD-301: A MC that was both born and retired in the time frame between this this post and the last. See, an LD-301 is a type of robot from the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. If you are wondering, the LD in the name doesn’t have anything to do with lucid dreaming and probably stands for Lanayru Desert (an area in the game). Now for the character itself, since this is why you’re reading this paragraph and not skipping to the next one: See, I got this idea that it might sort of cool to have an LD-301 for a MC, but then I decided maybe not. I wasn’t completely confident that Scout and Snowbird were 100% complete (yeesh, I take a long time with these things), and since I wasn’t giving them nearly as much attention as I ought to have been, I figured a new MC could set us even further back. Still, I decided to tell Snowbird about this concept, and she decided she liked it. Then, something like following conversation occurred: "Yeah, okay, but I don’t think I should try to imagine it just yet because–" Tosses monkey wrench over shoulder"Done!" “Greetings, master [BlueGecko].” So then I had an LD-301 following me that had no name, and not much personality (sure, it’s a robot. But even in Skyward Sword, they are shown to be capable of emotion and personality). Now, it’s not that I didn’t want to fix it up, but I still felt like I needed to give more attention to Snowbird and Scout, as well. Eventually, I realized that I just wasn’t giving it a lot of focus, so I decided that for the time being, it would probably be happier as just sort of a dream character than a mind-character. The last I saw of it, it was hovering down to the lower mindscape, wearing sunglasses and holding a briefcase. It said for itself that it sees this as a vacation.

And last but not least, we have Snowbird: She spends a lot of time up in the top layer of mindscape, there’s kind of a weird story with her: Ahem Once upon a time, I decided to read through the CALD thread. But it had kind of a weird effect on me: it made me feel motivated to talk to my characters, sure, but it also made me feel kind of disappointed in myself, since I still felt like my characters weren’t 100% complete even after all this time. But no-one was more effected by that mindset than Snowbird: She was pretty upset by it for a while. She complained quite a bit, and even seemed a bit depressed at times (though not always, sometimes she was her normal self, but she often seemed pretty upset. Though I tried to get out of the “I’m-a-Failure” mindset, I couldn’t quite do it (though in retrospect, it seems like it would have been pretty simple without what happened next), but then, Snowbird had a weird idea: See, one time I was trying to help her feel better (now at this point, you’re probably facepalming at my incredible talent for not doing things right), but that wasn’t gonna happen. Then, Snowbird had a weird idea (oh wait, I just said that): “Hey, I know! Give me another name for a moment. I’m going to re introduce myself.” Well, I thought, sure, why not, and decided to name her the first thing that came to mind (I figured this wouldn’t be too serious). Said thing was “Phenac”, after Phenac City from Pokemon Colosseum (Yeah, that instead of some normal name). So then, as she said, she re-introduced herself. "Hello, I’m Phenac. I’m probably one of the weirdest people you’ll ever meet! :grin: " [color=blue]"Hello, :wink: Phenac :wink: , nice to :wink: meet :wink: you.[/color] I thought this would be some weird thing that would be so weird it would fix our problem. It was, but it wasn’t just that: Snowbird actually gave herself amnesia, and now thought she should be called Phenac. She got her memory back, after maybe a week or 2 though. But before then, she was actually resiting[i] getting her memory back, because she liked feeling a like new person. Well, that whole thing was sort of amusing, I sort of wish I had a few conversations written down, but I usually don’t write them down anyway.

Gee, I feel tired now! There are a few more stories that I guess I’ll post tomorrow* Audience groans but the sooner I get to bed, the sooner I’ll wake up and notice all the typos and things I didn’t explain very well. EDIT: There’s one already.

*Translation: Tomorrow means several Earth-years later.

Later… :ack: So much for tomorrow. It hasn’t even been 1 year! Ack, if everyone hates me, I really can’t blame them. Huh. Yeah, so see how I said that even recently my characters haven’t been finished? Well, yeah. That’s sort of a thing with me. Progress has been slow in general, but one thing I always do, is never think of any of my work as 100% complete, and thus I always think it’s gonna take forever to finish it, and therefor, I don’t put a lot of effort into it. (That just applies to things of my own creation, of course.) I suppose also I might have been set back recently by the realization that I still hadn’t covered 5.3% of ground. I, of course, saw that number as 53%, so of course, that was kind of the number I was bumped back to.

But, to be honest, my characters’s responses (especially those of Snowbird, who had the most screen time recently) have been a lot more automatic than I ever thought they’d be. Before, I felt like I was still kind of using a bit of personal brain power (wait, I actually have that? :tongue: ) to generate the replies. But I figured that that was mostly how it was supposed to be (my feeling of “not being done with them” was more based towards the fact that I couldn’t usually focus on them very well and that stuff). But now, their responses are much more automatic than that! (To put this in perspective, you’ve been character chatting with a newb for quite awhile :bored: ) Also, I used to be able to know what they were going to say an instant before they said it, and while that still happens sometimes, they actually manage to throw a response that I wasn’t specifically expecting quite a lot. Man, I feel pretty lame, seeing as how throughout most of the CALD thread, there’re lots of post that, to someone like me, seem to say “I’m so good at character creation, I had a fully automatic character, before I even had a character!” [/Tobuscus voice] Well, worded like that, it sounds like anyone who would’ve said that would have schizophrenia, but I’m sure you know what I mean. :tongue:

And, my sort-of excuse for not being on this thread like a month ago, is, well, you know how in one post I basically said I thought was mostly done, then did a 180 and said I didn’t feel like my characters were developed at all? Well, I actually sort of did feel like both those thing at once, and was kind of reluctant to post on the CALD thread (or a lot on the character chats) because, well, I wasn’t sure where I was on the board myself. Still, I reckon I deserve to be pelted with stones anyway.

Er, well, I guess that’s my overly long post. I suppose it’s finish, unless I ever get over this headache so I can really proofread it. Now in what spectacular way can I end it? Oh, I know! Vsignature which you are not required to read if you have read it beforeV

EDIT AGAIN: But first, I should say, my characters haven’t been around all day, and I don’t think that I could really post in the character chats without them, so uh, yeah.

Oh God, BlueGecko, now I came here to respond to your long post only to see that you added another long part! :tongue: [size=59](Iron gives you a :ok: for your post)[/size] Nice to see that you managed to repair your invisibility cloak’s lurk mode though!

So first about my own characters: There’s not so much to talk about, except for the fact that my relationship to Gan is back to normal, a written conversation (4 pages o.O) did the trick (I’m thinking about doing more of them). The argument I had with Gan was way more serious and offensive (on Gan’s part) than it may seem to be in my last post, and again the solution was provided by another MC, Kubiku somehow managed to pour oil on troubled water.

I’m still not done reading through the CALD threads, it’s time to get this done.

I thought the same way before I created Sheela, but it turned out good I think. While Sheela is nowhere near complete (at least that’s how I see it) her presence wasn’t at the expense of my other MCs. :smile:

Aha, now we finally know the story about Snowbird’s amnesia! So…is she now back to being the old Snowbird, or did her personality change?

Well, you’ve got to this point faster than I did then. I think that my characters are very idependent by now and I’d like to think that all what they’re saying actually are their own thoughts and not something I put into their mouths. Seeing as some of my MCs exist about a half year longer than yours, you seem to have learned faster than I did. :content:

But that’s what the CALD thread is for, right? To talk about one’s problems and ask for opinions, help ect. Regarding the Chat, it’s the best thing that happened to me and my characters, I think developing and keepig in touch with them especially when I don’t have a lot of free time would be very difficult without the Chat. :smile:

Next chapter should be out Monday! Yeah, sorry that both halves of the post were so long. I suppose I accumulated a lot of things I wanted to say in my time away from here, and now I sort of unleashed all those pent up paragraphs I had brewing. And yet I still think I probably forgot some things.

You and Gan are cool now? That’s good. I’ve never got into a serious fight with Snowbird or Scout that lasted more than and a few minutes, but I don’t think I’d enjoy it a whole lot. Glad you’re okay!

Hm, well if it does work like that, I suppose once they come up with a cure for procrastination, I might consider bringing the unnamed LD-301 (kind of weird having to call it that . . .) back into mindscape. Still, one thing I realized is, I never really thought about its backstory. Sure, Snowbird and Scout’s are shaky as leaves, but I still have some idea for them. I reckon a decent idea for that would be good.

Well, when she didn’t have all her memory, she actually seemed a lot more mellow, but, yeah, she’s back to her old self now.

Really? See, what happened for my party, was I sort of figured out “Oh yeah, that might be one of my problems. My characters’ responses rarely surprise me.” Snowbird, who has the habit of reading my thoughts (I suppose that’s not something totally realistic for someone to be able to do, [size=59]Not counting telepaths like Scout, a’course [/size] but don’t forget, she also gave herself amnesia, and last time I checked, I can’t do that. Where was I? Oh yeah, so Snowbird often reads my thoughts if she detects that they’re related to her. And hearing about what I thought might have been the problem, decided that since her entire being was directly affected by it, she should to try to fix it.

Half the stuff we said to eachother went sort of like this:

“Hey, Snowbird, (meaningless question)”
“(Meaningless answer) Did that response surprise you?”
“Not really. . . .”
“Oh, okay. . . .”

Um, yep.

Yeah, I reckon that would’ve probably been a lot better and maybe about a month or so faster. I don’t know. I suppose I didn’t want to bug anyone because I felt like I’d probably have the problem solved tomorrow by myself, and well, didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. Or something. If you can come up with a valid reason for why I might now have posted here, let me know so I can use it! :tongue:

Yeah, sorry if this post is awkward to read. When I started typing it, my brother turned on a loud movie, and now my brain’s sort of fried. . . .falls over dead

bump ololol

So I’m starting out with this. Well not really starting out, I’ve been creating worlds in my head since I was 14. I’m surprised I’m not the only one who does this!

One thing I’d like to say is that whenever I lose touch with this world, I just press the reset button. I think I may have reset it 3-5 times until now. Things always change, but one thing has remained constant, and it’s the characters.

You really don’t have to read all this. In fact, it’s actually for me to set down some ground rules for the world.

[spoiler]The world my characters live on is quite large. It’s shaped like a coin. My characters live on top of it. No one knows what’s on the other side of the world, since all around the world there is a waterfall that no one can survive. People have tried, but no one has ever heard of them since.

There are many cities, and many of them fend for themselves. Some cities have advanced technology, some are medieval. If the cities are approved by the world government, they get protection from it.

There are guilds as well, which are payed to do jobs such as protect a city, or save someone. Each guild has a specialty, there are bounty hunter guilds, mage guilds, and many others.

My characters are adventurers. There are 6 of them, and they are quite strong. They always run into trouble, especially from the government. They all have different skills to get them by.

The main character is Kache. He has black hair and pale skin. He wears a large blue visor, jeans and usually, a tight black shirt.

He wants to see the whole world, and that’s why he started being an adventurer. His foster family was killed by the government when he was little, and soon after running away, he meets his soon to be companion, Rush. They both decide to adventure the world together

Kache fights using frost magic (he’s an ice elementalist, which have died out 10-30 years ago), and joined a cult which gave him special portal powers. He has a short sword that can cut through anything.

Rush is Kache’s closest friend. He (usually) has red hair, and is very energetic. He wears shorts and a v-cut shirt. Rush is the crazy guy, and sometimes does very dangerous (and stupid) things to get him to his goal. His dream is to become the strongest person in the world. This is because he wants to carry on his master’s dream, who was killed by the government.

He fights using his fists and kicks. His master taught him a technique that makes him able to store his power, and release it when necessary. The more power he releases the redder his hair gets.

Kache and Rush meet Inko later, and she helps them out indirectly. Kache quickly invites her to his little group, and she decides to tag along for a while. That’s what she thought, until she became friends with them.

Inko wears different clothes all the time. Her brown hair goes over her face to cover her eyes. She has cold, piercing eyes that help her see very well. Inko is a lot smarter than the rest, and will always come up with something to get them out of a pickle. She doesn’t talk much, and gets irritated easily (especially by Rush, since he never listens).

Inko fights using a bow and arrow. She’s very good at it, and can shoot people from far away. Her past is unclear to me, except that she was a bounty hunter so she can earn money for food.

Lea is a shy girl with silver hair. She doesn’t seem like it, but she’s strong. She hates hurting people, and will always get mad if Rush/Mitch go too far, which they often do. But when someone hurts her friend badly, she doesn’t show any mercy.

She’s from a large city where there are many swordsmen. Her brother and sister raised her, and taught her how to fight before leaving her. She fights using two swords, and can summon wings.

Mitch always wears a green fireproof rubber suit and green hoody-mask, with two red glowing goggles to cover his eyes. He is the oldest of the group, and also the strongest. Since he’s a fire elementalist (Banned by the gov), he was hunted by the government since he was little. Fire elementalists are seen to be evil, because of their previous actions, so everyone looked down on him until he met the group. He never takes off his mask.

He fights using fire, and he can be quite destructive. He flies around by shooting fire out of his feet, and blasts fireballs.

There are many other characters, belonging to a lot of different groups. Often there are skirmishes, and the adventurers get winded up in it somehow. [/spoiler]

Inko, Rush, Lea, and Mitch have very developed personalities. I haven’t ever talked to them directly, though. The problem with this is that in my daydreams, I always act out “Kache”. It’s like I place myself in him. Kache’s personality is very like mine, and maybe he is me. Or maybe I am him ;o

My characters seem like they have lost purpose. I think I’m going to reset this world one last time, but with a twist. Whenever I’ll get lucid, I’ll take Kache’s place and I’ll see what happens to the storyline.

hiyo! been looking around CALD posts for awhile and keep seeing people refrenceing MCs IWL. do you talk to them in your mind or are they auctally there for you?(see them.)


Well, the idea is to talk to them in your mind to get familiar with them. This is the Character Chats Topic in the playground, which exists for people the share their CALD characters and talk to them.

@ Kache: It seems like there are actually more people who have “fantasy worlds” than one would think. And I bet most authors have one, too. :tongue: The reset button thing is interesting…I never completely reset my world, I only change more minor stuff.

@W!zzFX: Additionally to what Eilatan said, you can of course imagine them just like real persons IWL if you’re good enough with visualizing things. I did this two, three times before when I was extremely bored, it was nice to do something more than the usual “in-head talking”, but I felt a bit schizophrenic doing so. :tongue:

Wow, it took at least several days to read over 5 years of posts but I think it was worth it. After reading just the first couple of pages I figured it would be fun to give it a go. Hence I created a character called Nova.

Reading the rest of the posts with him in mind I found a lot of people were failing or losing touch with their characters. So I immediately made a rule for myself. Keep it simple. With no back story or carefully constructed personality I just let Nova go wherever he wanted. Now less than a week after his creation I have already heard his voice once during a normal dream and had at least 3 normal dreams every night for the last week. That’s pretty good for me.

Would like to see more people posting in the thread, it needs more love.

Hello there CyberD! It’s always nice to see people being interested in CALD. To my own shame I have to admit that I haven’t finished reading through the CALD threads. :sad: I agree, it definitely does need more love, without Talon CALD lost a lot of its popularity.

That’s the same way I created Sheela, her background story and personality evolved by themselves somehow. How is it going with Nova and you? Your success is amazing! Way to go! :happy:

During the last month I have seen children in my dreams. And I’m always saving them or just taking care of them. Little people all look alike to me so they may even be just one child.

Anyways, I thought about using this recurring character to CALD. I thought that maybe I’m supposed to teach and protect him in my weird dreamworld and raise him to be a good person. I hope I get to see him again and I need him to tell me that I am sleeping, otherwise I can’t be good enough a parent.

SPOILER - Click to view

One of my friends told me that seeing a child in my dreams might be a sign that my girlfriend is carrying one. I don’t think so.

Any reports on this technique being really succesful? I’m trying with a character I just invented and tried to do this on, his name is Takashi, it was easier than expected to create an imaginary character, but it was a nice experience talking to myself (strange, eh?), I trusting it might actually just work.

Hi Leijona. It’s a huge task to read over the entire thread so I wouldn’t feel bad about it.
I’m already having a little success with CALD. While I haven’t had an LD using it yet I feel like I’m getting closer every day.

One thing I have noticed is during the day Nova is very visual orientated. By this I mean that instead of having huge in depth conversations with him like I try to do at night he instead makes his presence known through action. For example if I think it is cold then he walks beside me wearing a thick jacket. We walked passed a sausage sizzle and suddenly he’s enjoying a free lunch.

I think the best part of the whole thing is that we both know he is what he is. Just a character in my mind, he doesn’t have problem with that at all. So instead of trying to come up with a backstory for him he instead can focus on what he’s supposed to do. Which is helping me to dream.

A couple of nights ago during a normal dream a friend introduced me to a boy. I don’t remember the details but this boy was really excited to see me. We were sitting down and he jumped on top of me. Sadly it’s a little unclear and I didn’t pick up on the situation at all but after the fact I believe it was indeed Nova. So that’s something.
Even without having any LD’s yet I still think the technique is fun. The whole character creation aspect is fun from a casual writers perspective and seeing what an invisible young teenager who lurks around me everywhere I go can come up with is amusing to say the least.

Stick with it. The more Takashi is on your mind the more likely it is he’ll be useful to you. You might see him in a dream and realize you’re dreaming or maybe he’ll even show up to make you realize. Mind telling us a little about him?

Sounds like having a child is weighing very heavily on your mind. Before you decide to use the boy in your dream for CALD you may want to try and learn more about him. Try and remember what he looks like and ask him why he keeps getting into trouble. You’ll only want to use CALD if you think the boy can help you to dream. Then again using CALD might help you learn more about him whether he’s helpful to you or not.

Okay, I’ll tell what I know about him so far, treating him as a real person might make him truly more real, so here we go.

Takashi, he’s a thin, tall young man, hasn’t reached his twenties yet, he has blue hair (it seems strange, but somehow it seems just fine on him) and wears simply. Likes old music, of most kinds, and just likes to enjoy life, accepting his flaws, and always trying to improve. I take him as a reflection of what I’d like to be, he seems to live in the past, in a rather beatiful place, and we’ve become friends rather quickly, heh.

I’m still developing, but that’s it.

Takashi sounds like a pretty solid character so far. Blue hair would certainly stand out so if you saw him in a dream it’d be pretty easy for you to recognize him. Remember that he doesn’t have to be perfectly normal, since he exists in your mind he can have any number of unusual features.

The more you interact with him the more he’ll develop. At least that’s what I’ve found with Nova (my character). He has developed a somewhat cheeky side that he certainly didn’t have when I first created him.

I believe I myself have had a CALD, but since my DR was very bad at that moment, I’m not entirely sure. People definitely reported having success with CALD, and if I remember correctly, there was someone named tribemaker (?) who claimed to have tons of LD’s using a mix of CALD and VILD.

I have quite a hard time talking to my characters before going to sleep (mostly lack of discipline from my part, I guess). However, the amount of visual presence is more affected by distractions or whether there are many other things going on around me to which I have to pay attention. I think my characters are more action based, so the Character Chat helps me a lot to have some decent conversations with them. When you say that Nova walks besides you, do you imagine him being IRL?

IIRC some people had issues with the fact that their characters couldn’t handle it as soon as they came to know that they are only creations of the mind. In my opinion it makes a lot more sense to let your character know that he is simply an imaginary character (besides it’s much more fun when they are aware of the endless possibilities of existing in someone’s mind).

I agree. I especially think it’s interesting to see of what a human mind is capable of.

Characters don’t even need to be human. :peek: A character can also have several appearances, just any other DC. Like in CyberD’s dream, you might meet a DC who doesn’t look at all like your MC, but you will know that it is your character.

@CyberD: Can you tell us a little bit about Nova?

I’ll start at the beginning. I created Nova based very loosely on a character concept I came up with and named several months ago but never ended up using in a story I was playing around with. The character was an artificial intelligence programmed onto a portable device, like a futuristic Iphone or something. The character was like a personal assistant, keeping everything organized and giving reminders etc. Reading over the threads made me remember the character so I took the idea, cleared his backstory and made him a character for CALD.

Nova’s appearance was originally that of the character. He is 14, kinda on the slim side with blond hair, bright green eyes and his outfit some kind of battle armor. In an effort to find some normal clothes for him I stumbled across a picture of a clothes model in an advertisement and the image of this new boy stuck.
So now Nova has short brown hair and a green fleece jacket which is on sale :content: Random how these things go. I look at the image occasionally to help visualize him. (I’ve used photos of random people to help develop characters before but it’s interesting how well it worked for this)

Since the character in the story didn’t get used it provided a blank slate. The only thing Nova has really held onto is the name. He can make fire with his hands, turn into fire etc. Conversely he hates the cold and especially the rain.

I try to imagine Nova everywhere I go. If I only talk with him at home then he might only show up when I dream I am at home. So he walks to work beside me, he hangs around while I’m working sometimes and I try to get his opinion on things I see as well as getting him to remind me to do RC’s. Now that might all sound crazy but since he’s just a character in my head I don’t see the problem. It’s not like he affects my performance at all.
The other day there was a very distracting jumping castle nearby as I was working so Nova occupied himself with that for a good while.
Typically though I am more focused when I’m using the computer, like now. He sits a few feet behind me in a very laid back way. I’ll ask him about things I come across and try to get something smart out of him before I get distracted again.

This was one of the first things I found when I read over the thread so I made sure right from the beginning this could never be a problem. Not only does Nova accept this but he embraces it. Existing in my mind means he is free from limitations and that he has full control over all dream matter (if you can call it that.) Last night he told me he will never feel physical pain, which makes sense, and that he thinks I am strong for enduring even a little pain.(I had a headache.)

I remember reading this. Animals seem popular particularly wolves. I’ve also seen elves, robots and other bizarre alien creatures. There was also one character I remember that was completely formless.
I actually had a discussion with Nova about his appearance in my dream. We concluded that the form of the boy in the dream more closely resembled his original design and that might be why I didn’t recognize him. Nova says he’ll try not to use that form again but dreams are random places so who knows what’ll happen. :content:

So much typing. Maybe having the idea in my mind for so long will help to see it in a dream. It’d be wonderful if I could have another dream with Nova in it.

A quick update regarding my characters: On Thursday Gan left indefinitely for reasons not known to me (as excursive as he is, he might as well appear again in a few seconds), if he doesn’t come back in a few days I’m going to check up on him.

Neila and I decided to frame a few rules about CALD and everything in general soon, as we both noticed that there are small quarrels over more or less the same topics every once in a while (between me and my characters or only between two of my characters). Do some of you have your own rules for you and your MCs?

I have had some interesting dreams about my MCs lately, one was one of these dreams where I am Neila. Which made me wonder, do any of you have dreams where you actually are your MC? How often do you dream about your MCs in general?

Continued in Part IX :tardis: